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About my blog’s name

(formerly, Dog Hatred and Canine Couture)

Like many blogs, this one evolved. The name alludes to an alternative title to my book, Am I Boring My Dog, to wit: Will My Dog Hate Me If I Dress Him? I aspired to be a dog fashion guru. After all, who could resist pictures of dressed dogs? But I’ve moved on to… well, other things, including serious issues like puppy mills, which I’d like to abolish, and canine diabetes, which Frankie has.

Still, as both book titles suggest, one theme keeps turning up: confusion and worry about what your dog thinks of you.


Dogs let their incisors do the talking when they’re really upset. They don’t lie in wait, plotting revenge for perceived slights. Nor do they experience humiliation or feel the urge to commit suicide, even if you dress them in tasteless clothing. As long as your mirth is accompanied by liver treats, they don’t care whether you’re laughing at them or with them.

Some purists believe that dogs should never be dressed. Fran Lebowitz wrote, “If you are a dog and your owner suggests that you wear a sweater, suggest that he wear a tail.”

I think that’s harsh. A little harmless clothes modeling in exchange for room and board is not unreasonable, especially in these stressful economic times. Gainful employment and a bit of cheer — what could be wrong with that?

Mardi Gras Frankie by Amy Haskell

Mardi Gras Frankie by Amy Haskell