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It’s official.  Am I Boring My Dog is out and the interviews and reviews have started coming in. This media page will get glossier — as in, I’ll put up better pictures and figure out the proportions of the logos soon. Always polished and fun to peruse is the book’s promo trailer, the last of the six terrific videos shot by Open Lense Productions and starring — who else? — Frankie:

Also, my personal media rep — ok, good friend — Martha Solonche has been going to bookstores in New York and displaying my book prominently, cover forward. Thanks, Martha — one Barnes & Noble down, just a few dozen more chains and independents to go…

Barnes & Noble NYC

small pets examiner_logo-headerFirst of all, I would like to state that Phyllis O’Beollain, the Dayton Small Pets Examiner, is not related to me. Nor did I pay her to write this review. But I sure do appreciate it, as well as her subsequent statement, in response to my expression of gratitude via email, that I am the “Dave Barry of Dog Writers.” I am contemplating having that put on a t-shirt.

Arizona Jewish Post

The interview conducted by Sheila Wilensky and the thoughtful article she created from it capture the essential doglessness of my Brooklyn childhood — a time and urban place where dogs and their handlers were exotic. Wilensky also notes that Frankie is a local celebrity, a recognition that he appreciates.


This is the logo of the weekend section of the Arizona Daily Star, now Tucson’s only daily newspaper, which ran a nice profile of Frankie — and me — as a lead in to my first booksigning at Loews Ventana Canyon Resort. Nice event too: Lots of people, lots of dogs, lots of books sold. I’ve just realized that you (well, even I) have to pay to see the Star profile after the first week, so I’ve disconnected the link. Trust me, it was very nice.

I’m not having any success grabbing the logos from my last two reviews so I’m going to have to provide unadorned links.

This video review on the Dog Spelled Forward blog was written by Eric Goebelbecker, who also blogs at Dog Star Daily and is a dog trainer. Praise coming from a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers is very welcome indeed.

And of course dog rescuers get a special place in my pantheon of good people. Karyn Zoldan also happens to be a fellow foodie and close pal. Despite that fact, Karyn decided to bypass me in favor of going directly to Frankie on her Greyhound Injury Fund Blog.

Haute or Not

The reviewer at the fun Haute or Not site, the product review section of, writes: “If you know anyone that is even remotely considering getting a dog, get them this book first. It will probably save them from making some big mistakes, and it will save you from having to hear them whine about it later.”  Can’t argue with that! Here’s the rest., a series of news and entertainment blogs that resulted from the death of the second-to-last of my fair city’s newspapers. Writer/interviewer Ryn Gargulinski blogs under the name Sawyer Says for her dog; no wonder she’s sympathetic. I’m not sure why I can’t get the logo to include the entire name, though the 3-D shading gets in. Trust me. It’s the, not the tizen.

cwac10Coffee with a Canine, a fun site where authors and their dogs are interviewed by Marshal Zeringue (whose only character flaw is that he doesn’t have a dog).