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Frankie’s Fund: Death With Dignity Through Old Dog Haven

Tweet When I said good-bye to Frankie, I had many regrets, all related to the fact that dogs are not immortal or immune from mind-destroying diseases. One thing I never regretted, however, was the way that Frankie left this world. Spoiled and ministered to even more than usual, my sweet boy never doubted for a […]
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My Funny Valentine

Tweet Some days are tougher than others. This is one of the bad ones. A year ago, for Valentine’s Day, I posted this picture on Facebook and labeled it, “You’re still the one.” Frankie had slowed down, no question, but we were still having fun. He made me laugh every day. Today I woke up […]
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The First Cut Is the Deepest: Trying to Love Again

Tweet A song has been running through my head lately…. In my readings, especially about pet mourning, I often come across the term “heart dog,” which I take to be the canine equivalent of a human soul mate. But what does that mean — and what are the implications of having had that experience? I […]
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Feel-Good Friday: ABBA, Budweiser & Pet Bowls (the TV, Not Food, Variety)

Tweet A promise is a promise and I’m keeping two of them with this post: To continue my Pet Adoption Videos That Don’t Make Me Want to Kill Myself series, and to post once a week. ABBA Is Mean This great adoption video from the SPCA of Wake County was called to my attention earlier […]
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Once Upon an Urn: The Irrational, Magical Tale of Frankie’s Return

Tweet Get a cup of coffee and settle in for a few minutes. You’re in for a bit of a long ride. But consider that it’s taken me far longer to put this tale together — a good part of a lifetime, now that I think about it. Ashes to Ashes No one is rational […]
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Less Wordy Wednesday: Just Some Walks and Pets Along the Way

Tweet This past Christmas Day, I walked a dog at Pima Animal Care Center’s adoption event. That seems like a simple enough thing for a dog-loving holiday-hater to do, yet I had scores of reservations. My primary two: — It would be depressing, and I already have enough reasons to be depressed. — What if […]
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Pet Blogger Challenge, Round 4: Giving Me a Break

Tweet Welcome — and thanks for taking part in the challenge again! It’s nice to be back. As I wrote in the post announcing this challenge and my role as a co-host with Amy of GoPetfriendly, it’s a bit disconcerting to come to this event without a pet — and with less than 6 months […]
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Frankie’s Fund Is a Huge Success!

Tweet I’m generally a glass-half-empty type of person. But meeting half a goal of $5,000 — I chose that amount because why not shoot for the moon? — means that, with the help of many wonderful people who donated, wrote about, or shared my posts about Frankie’s Fund, I raised nearly more than $2,500 $3,000 […]
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Good-bye 2013. Don’t let the door… well, you know

Tweet This year can’t be over a minute too soon. It’s ridiculous, I know, to think that one sunset and sunrise will somehow change the disposition of the universe, that tomorrow my driveway will suddenly sprout good-luck flowers with solid-gold centers. (I’m not even sure what those would would look like — maybe sunflowers? Which […]
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Pet Blogger Challenge: Round 4!

Tweet It’s been a long, strange year — and by strange, I mean terrible. The worst of all the unpleasant events that 2013 brought was having to say good-bye to Frankie, my first and only dog and the inspiration for this blog. One of the few things about which I have no bad feelings, however,  […]
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