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Contest: Tell Me If You (or Your Dog) Would Go Naked & Win a Copy of My New Book!

Tweet Time flies. It’s been more than seven years since I started this blog to publicize AM  I BORING MY DOG? And 99 Other Things Every Dog Wishes You Knew. It was a reference for first-time dog owners that starred my first dog, a shy scruffy terrier-mix named Frankie. If this post has come to you […]
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Embracing Sadness: Our Irreplaceable Pets

I wondered why I was feeling gloomy as the 4th of July approached. Then I remembered: It was Frankie's designated birthday. And a new dog, no matter how great, can't erase the pain of loss.
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My Dog Supports My Kickstarter — Won’t You?

Tweet I announced recently that I was embarking on an exciting new project: Writing a memoir of my days as a travel writer, to be financed by a Kickstarter campaign. The campaign is live and naturally Madeleine has a prominent role in the promotional video. Writer Adoption Videos That Won’t Make You Want to Kill Yourself Many of […]
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Help Madeleine Find Her Voice: Vote!

Tweet Experts say that every dog needs a job. I am happy to announce that I am giving one to Madeleine. I am about to embark on a Kickstarter campaign for a book that has (almost) nothing to do with dogs, a memoir of my days as a travel editor and writer. I am nevertheless going […]
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2014: My Year in (Small) Dogs

Tweet In some respects, my post title should really be My Five Months in (Small) Dogs.  I adopted Madeleine at the end of July, and that’s when the terrier-mix parade began–and never stopped. I’ve had more dogs in my home in those five months than I’ve had…ever. Madeleine is not especially dog oriented, but she seems to draw […]
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Don’t Go: In Praise of the Occasional Wallow

Tweet Madeleine is a clever girl, and also a stubborn one. The other day when I was trying to leave to go to the gym, bag in hand, she parked her little butt firmly in the backyard, refusing to come in–even when I called her with a visible piece of food in hand, even when I […]
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Catching Happiness

Tweet This past week, I was feeling a little sorry for myself. I wanted to buy myself something nice for my birthday but decided I was too broke even to get the new tennis shoes I need. I was wallowing. I do that. I’m a wallower. I try not to wallow in public too much, so as not to […]
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Meet Madeleine

Tweet So last week this happened: I adopted a dog. She’s about four years old and weighs 12.2 pounds. She came with the name Madeleine and I like the gravitas of that, though she is very small and very lively so I don’t think anyone will blame me if I start calling her Maddie. I didn’t […]
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Dispatches from a Professional Dog Person

Tweet Can we talk? I’m having a bit of an identity crisis. A Woman of Many Hats (including a sombrero) Depending on whom you ask and when, I am a… Literata (= female member of the literati; woman with Ph.D. in poetry) Travel editor Guidebook author Travel writer Food and spirits writer Pet writer and […]
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Pet Adoption Videos That Don’t Make Me Want to Kill Myself (But Do Make Me a Little Sad)

Tweet First things first. I love the Shelter Pet Project, a joint effort of the Ad Council, Maddie’s Fund, and the Humane Society of the United States  to end the euthanasia of healthy animals. I wrote a three-part series about it a couple of years ago. In Part 1, I covered the first phase of […]
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