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    Cats are overweight due to a lack of a species appropriate diet. Cats are obligate carnivores which translates to mean they can’t digest carbs effectively. Most of the commercial diets out there are nothing more than junk food (especially dry kibble) that cats can become addicted to and chronically over indulge in. Cats require a diet of good quality protein with very little or no carbs. If you are going to write an article about feline diabetes you should acknowledge the reasons behind this epidemic besides just the obesity and genetics factors( which imply there’s nothing that can be done). Educate the people as to why cats get obese in the first place – its not just ovefeeding but the chronic misuse of a species inappropriate diet in an obligate carnivores life.

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      But you haven’t gotten to the second part of this article, have you? Before you lecture me about what I should or shouldn’t write about, don’t you think you might wait until the end of the piece?

      In any case, I find that education is usually done in a less judgmental, more informational fashion. And I don’t like the blame game. In fact, genetics play a role in Type 2 human diabetes too. Yes, junk food is involved, but some people have less of a problem metabolizing it than others.

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