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Beware the Poop Patrol! A Public Service Announcement

The other day I got an email saying:

I just wanted to share a funny dog related video I created a few years ago to address a problem with unscooped dog poop in my community…. It got a great response  and helped improve the situation. I recently uploaded an edited version of the video to YouTube in an attempt to reach a larger audience. It’s called the Poop Detective.

I asked the sender, whose name is Craig Dadoly, if he wanted a link to a website, credit, anything else. He said no, he just wanted to spread the word.

I gave him credit anyway.

I’m not sure about the scene with the scientist tasting the poop but I applaud the overall message. I especially like the scene of the detective hitting the poopertrator on the nose with a newspaper.

Two things I’d like to add. There’s a message in the scroll at the end about how dog poop is not fertilizer. This needs to be emphasized because not everyone is aware of doody danger. I wrote about it The Dog Poop Chronicles: A Tale of Personal Growth and Waste Disposal.

Also, some people do not mean to offend; poop happens.  Read one of the funniest posts on the topic, called The Dog, the Universe and Me, on Something Wagging This Way Comes.

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