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The Frankie Diaries, 9/18: The Physics of Dog Pee

Frankie lifting his leg to use the rooftop facilities at the Hotel Indigo, San Diego

A more agile Frankie lifting his leg to use the rooftop facilities at the Hotel Indigo, San Diego

I am just in from the backyard, where I took the second of the three pictures that accompany this post. I don’t usually take my camera along on these occasions, but I do spend a lot of time these days watching Frankie pee.

That’s in addition to collecting his urine, which I test for blood sugar twice a day before administering insulin. This involves following him around with a dish and waiting for him to do the deed.

Here I’m talking about the supervised bathroom sessions that Frankie gets because he has trouble finding his way back into the house.

I don’t mind. It gets me away from my computer. And it gives me time to ponder a strange physical phenomenon: The fact that Frankie now pees on his feet.

It’s Not a CCD Thing

Frankie often peed without lifting his leg in the past. He was a full-time squatter, in fact, before learning more manly urinating techniques from his late pal Archie. (Before you get too nostalgic, Clare, remember that was a one time deal; the next time they got together, Frankie completely ignored his former mentor.)

He’s taken to squatting full time again, and that’s understandable. As a geriatric, he’s bound to be less acrobatic. But whereas he formerly managed to avoid his pool of pee, now he is left standing in it.

I don’t understand why.

  • He still lowers his back end.
  • He doesn’t backtrack into the pool (well, sometimes he does, but by then, his feet are already wet)
  • It’s not as though there was a tectonic shift in my backyard, and Frankie now stands on flat ground where once he stood on an incline.
Frankie peeing on his feet (you can't yet see the full spread -- trust me)

Frankie peeing on his feet  (you can’t yet see the full spread of the puddle — trust me)


The Cleanliness Logistics

Luckily, the entryway into the house from the back now includes a carpeted ramp that serves as an extended door mat — which is a CCD thing. Frankie has no physical limitations that prevent him from navigating the single tall rise that leads into the kitchen from the utility room that adjoins the backyard, but he can no longer get his head around the whole climbing steps concept. I can’t get Frankie to wipe his paws — never could — but if he wishes to enter the kitchen, he has to ascend the cat (sorry, dog) walk.

And, yes, in case you’re wondering, I will soon replace the carpet with another $10 remnant.

But seriously folks, I don’t get the paw peeing phenomenon. Any theories?


Dog descending a grey carpet

Dog (soon-to-be) descending grey carpet


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