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Pampered Pets on a Budget

I love being able host deserving guest bloggers — emphasis on deserving. What better than to provide good content to my readers without doing much work? I’m especially pleased to share information about a useful new book without having to put in the time doing a book review.

I’m never going to be less busy, so I’ve decided to make 2012 The Year of Delegating Responsibly.

Without further ado, I’m turning my blog over to Kristen Levine, author of  Pampered Pets on a Budget, available in paperback and Kindle versions.


Greetings and Happy 2012 to pet parents everywhere!

I don’t know about your pets, but mine are very happy the holiday season is over and things and routines are getting back to normal. Chilly, my two year old lab impersonator (mixed breed extraordinaire) and I just returned from a long road trip from Tampa, FL to Denver, CO — 4,423 round trip miles to be exact!  See, I like to visit family in CO for three weeks each Christmas, but I certainly won’t leave Chilly behind for that long, and I wouldn’t dream of putting him in cargo on a commercial airliner! Read More »

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