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Less Wordy Wednesday: Just Some Walks and Pets Along the Way

Who looks happier? Me or the dog? It's hard to tell.

Who looks happier? Me or Pretty Girl? It’s hard to tell.

This past Christmas Day, I walked a dog at Pima Animal Care Center’s adoption event. That seems like a simple enough thing for a dog-loving holiday-hater to do, yet I had scores of reservations.

My primary two:

— It would be depressing, and I already have enough reasons to be depressed.

— What if I couldn’t resist adopting a dog?

And here, in a subcategory of the second reservation, I went into the myriad reasons I wasn’t ready, prime among them disloyalty to Frankie and a desire to travel.

Suffice it to say that I’m glad I got over myself. I’m not sure who looks happier in the picture, me or Pretty Girl, the dog I was assigned to walk.

It Cuts Both Ways

I posted my concerns — and how I got over them — on my Will My Dog Hate Me Facebook page and got the following comment: “I had the same feelings and just recently began to volunteer at the local shelter. I know there is a forever home for them and I am just some walks and pets along the way.”

What a wonderful way to look at it, both for the human and the dog. I wasn’t tempted to adopt Pretty Girl; in addition to the fact that I’m not ready to bring any dog into my life, I think I’ll always want a dog small enough to travel with in the cabin of a plane (famous last words, right? I never know where my heart will take me and look how plane travel worked out with Frankie — not!). But I gave a wonderful pup a little love and a little exercise — and was more than rewarded in kind.

This is hardly wordless, but it is Wednesday and the post is far less wordy than usual.

I’m curious: Has anyone else experienced fear of volunteering after the loss of a pet? How did you get past it?

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Wordless Wednesday 4/27

Did you ever look through your pictures and see an image that you don’t recall seeing in person? Sure, I saw Edie the Yorkie — formally, Edith Jones, which is the maiden name of Edith Wharton and the reason that the very literate Alison Jones, whom I met on Facebook, gave her the name — hanging out in the grass when Frankie and I took a walk with them a few weeks ago. I do not, however, recall her lizard-like proclivities. This picture of Edie the Yorkie — sorry, I can’t get used to calling her just Edie, for obvious reasons — touching her nose with her tongue came as a complete surprise when I downloaded the images on my computer.

Incidentally, I tried to get a picture of Edie the Yorkie with Frankie, but she totally intimidated him, even though she is not as large as he is. I’m sorry to say, Frankie is a traditional male: He likes to make the first move, and Edie was a tad too aggressive for his taste.

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Wordless Wednesday 4/20

This is Finola, who shares a household with Morgan in Tucson, Arizona.

Do you think Finola has enough toys?

Morgan tells me that, “She’s very particular…. Oddly enough, her absolute favorite toy is a toilet paper roll. She can’t get enough of them.”

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