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Asian Dog Fashion

[originally posted November 15th, 2009]

It’s been a while since I blogged purely about dog fashion but I can’t resist — and why should I? — posting these pics sent by my peripatetic friend, Donna L. Hull, who writes about baby boomer travel at My Itchy Travel Feet. Donna is not only amazingly good about keeping up with posts and taking photos while on the road (or in this case, sea). She also remembers her friends who lead more sedentary lives.

South Korean dog chic, Seoul

South Korean dog chic, Seoul

Savvy Thai canines shop Bangkok's night market

Savvy Thai canines shop Bangkok's night market

Most of these fashions are a bit feminine, but I think Frankie would look swell in the Korean kimono-type item; it fits his “you exist to serve me” attitude.

I can’t help but think, based not only on this sample but also extended research into the topic, that Asian dogs are the best dressed in the world; see also Japanese Dog Dressing Part 1 and Dog Dressing and Sumo Wrestling.

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    My dog didn’t like wearing his dog coat at first but soon associated it with a walk and it does get so cold and wet here in the UK, so most dogs have some type of waterproof coat. The doggy fashion in Thailand looks great! Much cheaper too I bet.

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    […] My Itchy Travel Feet, has won all kinds of awards. It was Donna who provided me with the colorful dog clothing pictures from Asia that I posted last month. Dog car booster seat from […]

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