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Contest: Tell Me If You (or Your Dog) Would Go Naked & Win a Copy of My New Book!

Tweet Time flies. It’s been more than seven years since I started this blog to publicize AM  I BORING MY DOG? And 99 Other Things Every Dog Wishes You Knew. It was a reference for first-time dog owners that starred my first dog, a shy scruffy terrier-mix named Frankie. If this post has come to you […]
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Give the Gift of Dog Savvy: Am I Boring My Dog?

Tweet I had lunch yesterday with a group of writer friends. When we went around the table to discuss our accomplishments and ask each other for help with writely issues, I explained that I had several copies of my dog book that I wanted to sell on my blog but didn’t quite know how to […]
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Meet & Greet Party Blog!

Tweet I usually need a few drinks and a bowl or so of nuts — it used to be cigarettes — to feel comfortable mingling with new people at a party. But a virtual party where you can bring your pets… no problem. My dog, Frankie, is so charming that he always serves as a […]
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Road trip! Book signing! Hot sisters!

Tweet Lately, my book selling world has been a bit bleak. The online bootleg versions of AM I BORING MY DOG have slowed to a trickle, as opposed to the torrent of thefts that first emerged the week between Christmas and New Year’s. I  dutifully forward all the Google alerts of new ripoffs to my […]
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My Year in Bookselling: 7 Things I Did Right

Tweet It’s been a year since the publication of Am I Boring My Dog and a bit of a roller-coaster ride. Sad to say, the reports about publishers not having the time or money to promote all but the most famous authors or the most topical books are true. Which is how I became a […]
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Yo, San Diegans! Win a copy of Am I Boring My Dog?

Tweet I’m hoping a lot of people will come to the book signing for Am I Boring My Dog at San Diego’s Hotel Indigo on Tuesday, June 15, from 5 to 9p.m. It’s going to be a great event, kicking off the hotel’s dog-friendly Canine Cocktail Hour series, and it’ll be at the 9th floor […]
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Weekend Win-a-Book Contest: Blog 911

Tweet Life lessons are sometimes ambiguous. Yes, my failed foray into bells-and-whistles SEO/SEM technology taught me that there’s no substitute for solid writing and communication with readers. A blog is only as good as its content and its bond with a like-minded audience. But it also made me aware that it’s tough to reach that […]
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I’m the answer to Cesar Millan? Why, thanks!

Tweet [originally posted November 27th, 2009] It’s Black Friday, and in the spirit of unbridled commerce, I figured I’d shamelessly promote my new book, Am I Boring My Dog? Why buy a copy, you ask? Because you will be showing your advocacy for positive, dog friendly training and learning how to keep adopted dogs from […]
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Remembrance of Pets Past: Dia de los Muertos

Tweet Halloween has never been my holiday. It might have had something to do with my mother’s dislike of what she considered a religious — and not one of ours — observance, her reluctance to take me on the rounds of my Brooklyn apartment building (which wasn’t especially kid-friendly anyway).  It might have had to […]
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Meet my latest book reviewer: What a dog!

Tweet I’m afraid I don’t have time right now to get into a thorough discussion of how — and under what circumstances — dog is a pejorative term. I trust that everyone who reads this blog is aware that, ignoring any linguistic conventions, I consider being compared to a canine the ultimate compliment. So I […]
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