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Andrea Arden Talks Dog Training – & People Training

Tweet Kelly Dunbar had a terrific conversation with Andrea Arden on Animal Cafe this week but before I get to the substance, I need to get a little gush — and one small whine — out of the way. I’ve seen Andrea on various Animal Planet shows and I’m a huge fan. I was trying […]
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Animal Cafe: Have You Hung Out There Yet?

Tweet Observant readers of this blog may have noticed a pattern: Once a week I write  a post that refers to a podcast that appears on another site called Animal Cafe. Really observant readers — okay, if I’m lucky, members of my family — may have noticed that once a month I’m the one doing […]
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Training Tuesday: A BAT Landmark

Tweet Frankie and I haven’t done much Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT) with Crystal Saling and her wonder dog decoy, Winnie, lately because it’s either been raining — which means scary thunder and lightning — or too hot to spend much time outside. But we managed a get together this past Sunday and saw quite a […]
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Revisiting the choir: You never know who’ll join

Tweet It’s a little ironic for me to be posting about preaching to the choir because: I’m a nonbeliever I grew up attending a synagogue, not a church, and synagogues don’t have choirs It’s a tired cliche, and I try to avoid those But the topic came up when Karen Friesecke, DIY queen and blogger […]
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I heart Dog Star Daily

Tweet And Dog Star Daily hearts me  — or at least my book — back. Co-created by the renowned Dr. Ian Dunbar and Kelly Gorman Dunbar, the site is home to some of the world’s top dog training and behavior experts, including Dr. Nicholas Dodman, Patricia McConnell, and Suzanne Clothier, as well as such up-and-comers […]
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What is dog training & why do it?

Tweet Frankie doesn’t know it yet, but we’re about set out on a new adventure together: Training. And yes, this idea was inspired by his last adventure, being the star of a series of promotional videos for Am I Boring My Dog. It’s not so much that I minded crouching down behind a table with […]
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