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Dog Grooming and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Tweet Admit it. The word “grooming” sounds kind of frou frou, something that only poodles* and little fussy dogs get subjected to. And it’s true, grooming does refer to parts of the dog’s body, including hair, nails, and eyes, that are often dealt with in human beauty salons. But a recent post on, called […]
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Reconsidering Raw

Tweet I know, I can get up on a soapbox. And, hey, that’s what blogs are for. But I’ve also been known to step down from mine if I find a good reason for doing so. I’d like to report I’ve made tentative steps towards soapbox descent on the topic of raw feeding. I argued […]
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How to Save $1000 by Feeding Your Dog Raw Meaty Bones

Tweet My pal Jim McBean over at DoggyBytes commented extensively on my recent post, Why Anesthesia Free Cleaning is Really Costly — so extensively, in fact, that I suggested he shed more light on the topic by doing a guest post. He agreed. One note: The $1000 in the title alludes to the price that […]
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