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Pet Travel Book Club: Exit Atticus, Enter Pete

Tweet Last week’s virtual book club meeting was a huge success — not least because Tom Ryan, the author of the book we discussed, got involved. Here is what he wrote on Following Atticus’s Facebook page about the review on A Traveler’s Library, the co-host of the club: It’s windy and cold outside and I’m […]
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Pet Travel Book Club: Following Atticus

Tweet It’s here! The second official meeting of the best — possibly only — online Pet Travel Book Club. I’m very excited because: We’re going to be discussing a terrific book, Following Atticus by Tom Ryan. The write ups — yes, plural — and questions are by a terrific reviewer, my friend Rebecca Boren, a […]
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Pet Travel Thursday: Passports and Pooches with Purpose

Tweet Every now and then I hear people on TV disparaging bloggers as losers who sit in their parents’ basements, typing away in their pajamas. My experience with pet bloggers has been dramatically different. Our shared concerns — and our shared traffic — have accomplished amazing things, from getting food donated to shelters to getting […]
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Following Chester & Gretel: Weiner Dogs Can Hike Too!

Tweet Small dogs often get a bad rap. They’re seen as yappy and lap-oriented, not as “real” somehow as larger breeds, especially when it comes to outdoor activities. As the companion of a little pup with a big personality, I’m working on changing that stereotype. For my next pet travel book club selection I chose […]
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Pet Travel Book Blogging: Niches within Niches

Tweet Yesterday I had a conversation with an old friend, a travel writer who was worried about the state of travel publishing. Apparently some guidebook companies are having a tough time keeping up with contemporary technology and are floundering. I suggested that my friend — let’s call him Karl, since that’s his name — start […]
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