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Frankie’s Fund: Death With Dignity Through Old Dog Haven

Tweet When I said good-bye to Frankie, I had many regrets, all related to the fact that dogs are not immortal or immune from mind-destroying diseases. One thing I never regretted, however, was the way that Frankie left this world. Spoiled and ministered to even more than usual, my sweet boy never doubted for a […]
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Pet Blogger Challenge, Round 4: Giving Me a Break

Tweet Welcome — and thanks for taking part in the challenge again! It’s nice to be back. As I wrote in the post announcing this challenge and my role as a co-host with Amy of GoPetfriendly, it’s a bit disconcerting to come to this event without a pet — and with less than 6 months […]
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Frankie’s Fund Is a Huge Success!

Tweet I’m generally a glass-half-empty type of person. But meeting half a goal of $5,000 — I chose that amount because why not shoot for the moon? — means that, with the help of many wonderful people who donated, wrote about, or shared my posts about Frankie’s Fund, I raised nearly more than $2,500 $3,000 […]
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Good-bye 2013. Don’t let the door… well, you know

Tweet This year can’t be over a minute too soon. It’s ridiculous, I know, to think that one sunset and sunrise will somehow change the disposition of the universe, that tomorrow my driveway will suddenly sprout good-luck flowers with solid-gold centers. (I’m not even sure what those would would look like — maybe sunflowers? Which […]
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Frankie’s Fund: When You Can’t Do, Give. When You Can’t Give, Share.

Tweet It hasn’t been the best last week for me. Well, really, month. Okay, year. But I’ll save the whining. Because whatever I’ve gone through, it’s a heckuva lot better than what’s happening to a lot of senior dogs this time of year. ‘Tis the Season Goal: Left to Raise: Sickening but true: Lots of […]
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What Does It Mean to Give Your Pet a Good End? Maybe Not What You Think

Tweet Frankie was not a judgmental dog. So I was sad, and little bit angry, to discover that some people have used praise of Frankie’s Fund, which is dedicated to helping homeless senior dogs get a great sendoff, to diss others’ ways of saying good-bye to their pets. Judge Much? As far as some folks […]
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Frankie’s Fund: A Progress Report

Tweet Last week I introduced Frankie’s Fund, administered by Grey Muzzle. The Goals–And the Gets Goal: Left to Raise: It’s devoted to providing palliative care to homeless senior dogs so they can leave this life in comfort, feeling loved. And of course to keeping my beloved Frankie, who retired with the sendoff he deserved, in […]
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