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Frankie’s Fund: Death With Dignity Through Old Dog Haven

Tweet When I said good-bye to Frankie, I had many regrets, all related to the fact that dogs are not immortal or immune from mind-destroying diseases. One thing I never regretted, however, was the way that Frankie left this world. Spoiled and ministered to even more than usual, my sweet boy never doubted for a […]
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Pet Blogger Challenge, Round 4: Giving Me a Break

Tweet Welcome — and thanks for taking part in the challenge again! It’s nice to be back. As I wrote in the post announcing this challenge and my role as a co-host with Amy of GoPetfriendly, it’s a bit disconcerting to come to this event without a pet — and with less than 6 months […]
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Frankie’s Fund: When You Can’t Do, Give. When You Can’t Give, Share.

Tweet It hasn’t been the best last week for me. Well, really, month. Okay, year. But I’ll save the whining. Because whatever I’ve gone through, it’s a heckuva lot better than what’s happening to a lot of senior dogs this time of year. ‘Tis the Season Goal: Left to Raise: Sickening but true: Lots of […]
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The Faces of Frankie’s Fund: Pups Helped by Grey Muzzle Grantees

Tweet Tissue gathering alert. Today I’d like to make it clear that Frankie’s Fund isn’t about Frankie, except insofar I want to keep his memory alive. My little guy had a great life — and a great death.  Things are not so sanguine for some seniors who are considered unadoptable and who face their final […]
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Expect the Worst!* And Be Utterly Surprised & Thrilled When You Get the Best

Tweet No one could ever accuse me of being an optimist, or of being warm and fuzzy. One of my childhood friends, who only began reading this blog since it returned in August, was surprised to discover the depth of my feelings about Frankie, I’m that guarded about my emotions — and apparently always have […]
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Eight reasons to adopt a senior dog

Tweet I was so clueless about dogs when I first adopted Frankie that I didn’t realize he was pushing geriatric status — and that this was considered a bad thing. I’m very glad I didn’t know, and not only because I would have missed out on making the acquaintance of my Zen master, muse and […]
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