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The Pet Travel Book Club Kicks Off with Steinbeck’s Travels with Charley

Tweet True confession: I’ve never been in a book club, real or virtual, much less organized one of my own. After years of graduate school literature classes, I didn’t want to discuss books for a while; I just wanted to read them without pressure to say what I thought. When I got over that, I […]
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Travel Thursday: Tailing John Steinbeck

Tweet I love serendipity.* I had made plans to interview John Woestendiek, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and the author of Dog Inc., for Animal Cafe because I thought a top-rate writer who was on the road for a year with his dog might have interesting things to say about  pet travel. I didn’t know anything […]
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Travels with Frankie

Tweet I’m not John Steinbeck. And Frankie isn’t Charley. Probably the only thing we have in common is that I’m a writer, Frankie is a dog, and we’re heading out in a car together. Nor am I Jack Kerouac. And Frankie definitely isn’t Dean Moriarty. I’m a stressed-out middle-aged woman with a small frightened dog […]
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Wyatt Earp’s dog

Tweet As you will soon discover, the  story I’m posting here today isn’t primarily about Wyatt Earp’s dog; he’s a minor character. But not only is his the only image I have, but the attempt to identify his breed — border collie mix, as it turned out — led to a colorful story about a […]
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