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The Long Good-Bye: Animal Cafe

Tweet As I announced at the end of this year’s Pet Blogger Challenge, I’m going to be less active than I have been on this blog because of an exciting new project. And I’m giving up my extracurricular blogging activities. Last Thursday I handed over the reins of the Pet Travel Book Club to Pamela […]
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When Pet Store Policies Are Complex: A Second Look at Petland

Tweet We all love simplicity. Who doesn’t want a firm good vs evil argument, reducible to a memorable sound bite, to buttress our firmly held opinions in ways that are convincing to others? You know, like pet stores that sell puppies are evil because they support puppy mills, whereas animal shelters are good because they […]
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Elephants Invade Europe, Southeast Asia

Tweet Don’t worry. The capitals of Europe and Asia are safe from thundering herds of pachyderms; it’s only their representatives that have been storming two major continents. Indeed, one of the reasons for the faux-elephant invasion is that the majestic animals themselves are disappearing in droves.  As a result of poaching, accidents and loss of […]
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Pet Food Confidential: What’s in Your Dog’s Bowl?

Tweet Susan Thixton had the bad luck to have a dog who got cancer as a result of ingesting ethoxyquin, a preservative used in the popular national brand she was feeding her. She had the good luck to have a vet who recognized the dangers of chemicals in the most common pet foods. And we […]
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No Kill: Some Context from a Shelter Board Exec

Tweet I don’t know about you, but I often skip the comments section of a post if I don’t comment myself (in which case I go back to see if anyone agrees with or has dissed me). In the case of my recent post, Is”No Kill” a Misnomer? One Shelter Says Yes, it would be […]
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