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News You Can’t Use: Toe-Eating Terriers & Tortured Kittens

Tweet The Toe-Eating Terrier Sometimes my email inbox seems booby-trapped. A couple of weeks ago, I got a press release with this subject line: Cautionary Tale for People with Diabetes: Dog Consumed Part of a Sleeping Patient’s Toe, Leading to Amputation Among the details that followed: In a case study that illustrates the need for […]
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Ten Favorite Posts I Wrote in 2010…

Tweet … plus one semi-gratuitous guilty pleasure video Put out a challenge, take up a challenge. Yesterday, when Amy at and I were throwing down the gauntlet to pet bloggers to think and write about their blogs on January 10, Dr V. of Pawcurious was asking bloggers to choose their top 10 favorite posts […]
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Is “No Kill” a Misnomer? One Shelter Says Yes

Tweet I was touched and honored to receive  letters from administrators at several animal shelters in support of my recent post about the need for the rescue community to stay positive. I respected the desire of some of these letter writers to remain out of the public eye. Animal politics can get rancorous and shelters […]
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An Open Letter to Nathan Winograd

Tweet Dear Nathan Winograd, I’ve been reading about the No-Kill Movement, which is working to transform shelters from the pet world equivalent of roach motels — dogs and cats go in but don’t come out — to places that actually save animals.  It’s an extremely important cause and, as the Director of the No-Kill Advocacy […]
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Pet charities: Some year-end musings

Tweet Writing a book about dogs, starting a dog blog, becoming involved in an online dog community… It’s been a year of continuing education and revelation,  including the realization of just how useful an online community can be. The flip side: As a result of connecting with other pet advocates, I learned some things I […]
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