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Embracing Sadness: Our Irreplaceable Pets

I wondered why I was feeling gloomy as the 4th of July approached. Then I remembered: It was Frankie's designated birthday. And a new dog, no matter how great, can't erase the pain of loss.
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Catching Happiness

Tweet This past week, I was feeling a little sorry for myself. I wanted to buy myself something nice for my birthday but decided I was too broke even to get the new tennis shoes I need. I was wallowing. I do that. I’m a wallower. I try not to wallow in public too much, so as not to […]
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Life After Frankie: A Dog Wake & A Eulogy

Tweet If I’ve learned anything from losing Frankie, it’s that grief is unpredictable. Few of my reactions in the last few weeks were close to what I anticipated. The New Normal? I behaved very badly the first weekend, acting out. And I was bone tired for a while, wanting to sleep far more often than […]
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Ten Favorite Posts I Wrote in 2010…

Tweet … plus one semi-gratuitous guilty pleasure video Put out a challenge, take up a challenge. Yesterday, when Amy at and I were throwing down the gauntlet to pet bloggers to think and write about their blogs on January 10, Dr V. of Pawcurious was asking bloggers to choose their top 10 favorite posts […]
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Pet Loss & Grief: Some Coping Tips

Tweet Coping with the loss of a loved family member is always tough, but when that family member is human, no one questions your need to grieve. With a pet?  Not so much. That means your pain may be compounded by embarrassment over the depth — or even the existence — of your sense of […]
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