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Japanese dog dressing, part 1

I have no hard data, but anecdotal evidence and online research suggest that Japan is the world’s Number 1 dog dressing nation. The size and breed range of dogs involved, the array and elaborateness of their outfits, the variety of events providing canine fashion occasions, the widespread enthusiasm for the practice… Japan rules the roost in all couture categories.

Today I’ll focus only on informal — as opposed to ceremonial — dog dressing.

I know, dressing small dogs is controversial.  It’s infantilizing, many contend, leading dogs to be treated as accessories rather than as living creatures. No question: finding outfits for small dogs is not very challenging. But a book of crafts patterns being sold on e-Bay (until June 7) suggest that some Japanese guardians of diminutive dogs are taking a more difficult and creative fashion path. If Paris Hilton were to personally knit her Chihuahuas’ outfits, she would take the pups more seriously, don’t you think?

Admit it: The dog in the hat is smiling

Admit it: The dog in the hat is smiling

Admit it: You're smiling

Admit it: You're smiling

At the other end of the size and style spectrum is the sporty pup captured by  Jeanie and Mike Colaianni and sent to their daughter, Courtney, in Tucson.  The Colaiannis have been living in Japan for  five years; Jeanie in particular has become quite an expert on local dog fashion. This pooch was chosen as a photo subject not only for his stylish Peanuts basketball jersey — don’t ask me what that’s about — but because he reminded Mike of Courtney’s  Sheltie, Sammy (who generally goes without clothes).

Sammy San

Sammy San

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  1. Eric
    Posted May 15, 2009 at 12:07 pm | Permalink

    Japanese knitting pics, lower left: I would never leave the house – I would starve to death smiling at my dog.

  2. Posted June 22, 2009 at 8:20 am | Permalink

    I love all the unique ways parents dress their 4 pawed kids! BECAUSE THEY’RE FAMILY!

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