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November is Pet Diabetes Month. Oh, the irony!

[Originally posted November 8, 2009]

pdm-logoVia my alert pal Constance B. Riggs, a dietitian who focuses on human diabetes at her excellent Eating Soulfully blog, I just discovered that November is Pet Diabetes Month. I’d always wondered who comes up with those designations and now I know: Drug manufacturers who want people to use their products. Yes, the trail through various tweets and blogs led me to discover that the designation had been made by Schering-Plough, the manufacturer of Vetsulin which, the FDA announced in early November, is defective. I blogged all about it a few days ago; see The Vetsulin Crisis: Cold Comfort.

I guess once you publicly dedicate a month to a disease, you can’t take it back.

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  1. […] Sometimes I’m way ahead of the curve. For example, I’ve been blogging about doggie dental care since the beginning of this month, well in advance of the designated Pet Dental Month, February. (Of course, I’m not big on designated months; see November Is Pet Diabetes Month: Oh the Irony). […]

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