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Vaccinating Your Dog, Part 2: Risk Assessment

Tweet Last week I gave a basic overview of vaccinations, including a discussion of why dogs need them. I made the distinction between core vaccines (those that every dog needs for public health reasons, including rabies, which is required by law) and noncore, which should be administered depending on a dog’s particular circumstances — exposure […]
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Vaccinating Your Dog, Part 1: The Basics

Tweet The story of an adverse canine vaccination reaction detailed in recent weeks in my friend Roxanne Hawn’s Champion of My Heart blog inspired me to go back to a piece I wrote for Your Dog newsletter in late 2010. It’s long, so I broke it into two parts. Part 1 puts the larger issues […]
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Pet Escape! How to Prevent Runaways & Raise the Odds of Return

Tweet Pets can give the term “escape” on vacation a whole new meaning. According to the California Veterinary Medical Association, 1 in 3 pets goes missing during its lifetime. Without proper ID, 90% never return home. Travel is prime time for pets to go on the lam because unfamiliar circumstances make even the calmest pets […]
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