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Pet Travel Book Blogging: Niches within Niches

Tweet Yesterday I had a conversation with an old friend, a travel writer who was worried about the state of travel publishing. Apparently some guidebook companies are having a tough time keeping up with contemporary technology and are floundering. I suggested that my friend — let’s call him Karl, since that’s his name — start […]

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Animal Cafe: Have You Hung Out There Yet?

Tweet Observant readers of this blog may have noticed a pattern: Once a week I write  a post that refers to a podcast that appears on another site called Animal Cafe. Really observant readers — okay, if I’m lucky, members of my family — may have noticed that once a month I’m the one doing […]

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Go Pet Friendly: Vacation as Vocation

Tweet You’ve heard the cliches: Living the dream. Tough work if you can get it. Live the life you’ve imagined. They’re all true in the case of Rod and Amy Burkert, who are traveling around the country with their two dogs, Ty and Buster, finding pet friendly places to recommend for their website, The […]

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RVs: A Great Way To Travel With Pets

Tweet Today, for my continuing Pet Travel Thursday series, I’m turning my blog over to Rod Burkert, 1/4 of the Go Pet Friendly team. Sure, Rod and Amy are the drivers and the food providers, but Ty and Buster are the inspiration for their venture — and they’re very photogenic — so I’m giving them […]

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Goodbye to all that – for now

Tweet I’ve been a bit distracted, trying to finish up a big project — I finally sent it off this morning — which is why I accidentally pushed “publish” on the post titled “My Year of Bookselling: Five Things I Did Right” when it was in a very rough draft stage. My apologies to those […]

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