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Yo, San Diegans! Win a copy of Am I Boring My Dog?

Tweet I’m hoping a lot of people will come to the book signing for Am I Boring My Dog at San Diego’s Hotel Indigo on Tuesday, June 15, from 5 to 9p.m. It’s going to be a great event, kicking off the hotel’s dog-friendly Canine Cocktail Hour series, and it’ll be at the 9th floor […]
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A Sentimental Journey

Tweet I’m very much looking forward to my upcoming trip to San Diego and Santa Barbara, two of my favorite cities and home to many of my favorite people. And many of my favorite dogs. But visiting my best friend, Clare, and her dog, Archie,  will be bittersweet. It’s almost certainly the last time that […]
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Of all the dog cards…

Tweet Talk about coincidences. My much blogged-about best friend, Clare, pictured below with me and Frankie on our recent trip to San Diego, just called in great excitement. It seemed that Clare had just received a birthday card, and of all the possibilities, she got the one featuring Frankie, produced by Borealis Press. It was […]
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My dog, the trendsetter

Tweet As you’ll see in the next six weeks, as the video promos for AM I BORING MY DOG are posted, Frankie is a natural media star. I don’t doubt that he will soon be besieged by the puparazzi. But even in these pre-fame days, his opinion is already being sought after. After July 13, […]
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The dog days of summer

Tweet I’ve focused far too often in recent posts on problems with our San Diego trip: the logistics of getting there, the illogistics of forgetting my camera, the public humiliation of pee collection… For the most part Sirius, the dog star —  believed by the Romans to give off excessive heat in mid-summer, thus the […]
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The pee strip chronicles: San Diego

Tweet Picture this. You are enjoying a relaxing drink, perhaps some appetizers, on the outdoor patio of McCormick & Schmick’s, an upscale seafood restaurant at the Omni San Diego in the trendy  Gaslamp Quarter. You spot a small dog lifting his leg on a strip of grass flanking the sidewalk directly in front of you. […]
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A shaggy surf dog story

Tweet Here, at last, is my report on the Loews Surf Dog Competition. Sort of. It’s still more about my friend Clare, our dogs, Frankie and Archie, and a cast of supporting characters who became involved by sheer coincidence. *** So…Clare and I didn’t manage to get to the contest site, Imperial Beach, early enough […]
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Our Doggies, Ourselves

Tweet I’m embarrassed to admit a key reason I haven’t yet blogged about the Loews Coronado Bay surf dog festival: I am photographically challenged. It’s not just that I tend to take lousy pictures; I also break nearly every camera I touch, even disposable ones. I’ve joked for years that my ex-husband, a photographer, put […]
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Driving Mister Frankie

Tweet Surfing dogs…best friends and our best friends…dog-loving restaurants and hotels… There’s much to tell (and show), but the San Diego adventure begins with — what else? — the story of driving with my car-averse pup. The drugs The day before we were scheduled to leave, I tried Xanax, the latest vet prescription, on Frankie. […]
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Car travel, Part 5: Why driving won out

Tweet I let my reservation on Southwest from Tucson to San Diego lapse because of: Money Part of it is my fault. I came up with the idea of flying too late to be eligible for the 14-day advance fares that ordinarily make the trip from Tucson to San Diego so appealing on Southwest. But […]
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