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Pet Blogger Challenge: Round 4!

Tweet It’s been a long, strange year — and by strange, I mean terrible. The worst of all the unpleasant events that 2013 brought was having to say good-bye to Frankie, my first and only dog and the inspiration for this blog. One of the few things about which I have no bad feelings, however,  […]
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Pet Blogger Challenge 2012: Ready, Set…

Tweet Last week Amy Burkert of Go Pet Friendly and I gave you a heads up that we are going to co-host the Pet Blogger’s Challenge again. We promised to post the questions on December 20 and we’re women of our word. Just a couple of things: It’s very easy. All you have to do […]
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Pet Travel Is Here To Stay, Chris Elliott. Live With It

Tweet Imagine that a travel expert, writing for a megatraffic online travel site, chose a large segment of travelers to dismiss — say, baby boomers. “Baby boomers are slow moving and crabby,” he’d write. “They’d be better off staying home to  care for their grandchildren, which most prefer to traveling anyway.” Then imagine if the […]
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Go Pet Friendly: Vacation as Vocation

Tweet You’ve heard the cliches: Living the dream. Tough work if you can get it. Live the life you’ve imagined. They’re all true in the case of Rod and Amy Burkert, who are traveling around the country with their two dogs, Ty and Buster, finding pet friendly places to recommend for their website, The […]
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Denver dreaming: Take me to your BlogPaws pets

Tweet Getting ready for the BlogPaws West conference involves finishing up a bunch of assignments that are not — shockingly enough — dog related. And I’m not going to be taking Frankie along to Denver because he’s not exactly a road warrior and the idea of dealing with needles and insulin and a carrier… well, […]
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Versatile & Lovely Blogger Awards, Pet Edition

Tweet Confession: In the past year and a half, I received a Versatile Blogger award from Jana Rade of DawgBusiness and one from Sharon Castellanos of Grouchy Puppy, as well as a Lovely Blog award from Vera Marie Badertscher of A Traveler’s Library. And I haven’t passed them along. That is VBBK (Very Bad Blog […]
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