This blog is about my dogs — well, small sequence of individual dogs — but they probably would want you to know who’s attempting to represent them. So…

I earned a Ph.D. in English literature from New York University; edited guidebooks at Frommer’s, Rough Guides, and Fodor’s; published myriad travel articles and three travel guides; and otherwise led a respectable but dogless life before I began palling around with terriers.

Ok, terrier mixes.

I got Frankie, my first dog, in late 2004 — long after my childhood (and his) and long after getting a dog seemed like a natural thing to do. I obsessed so much about my canine caretaking abilities that I researched and wrote AM I BORING MY DOG? And 99 Other Things Every Dog Wishes You Knew (Alpha/Penguin, 2009). I started this blog to publicize that book.

Frankie, it turned out, was not a big traveler; he was terrified of riding in cars (and much else). I began staying home more, focusing on other writing topics, including dining and, yes, dogs.

I started a blog that involved the family of my mother in Vienna. One of her uncles had a butcher shop in the same building as Sigmund Freud for 44 years and, doubtless, sold him meat. That blog is called, aptly enough, Freud’s Butcher.

I blogged about Frankie’s failing health and his death and my sadness and then I stopped blogging on either of my blogs for a while because I got depressed writing about Nazis on my genealogy blog and I didn’t have a dog.

Then, in the summer of 2014, I adopted Madeleine. She didn’t inspire me to go back to blogging about dogs, however. Instead, she made me happy enough to create a Kickstarter to finish and publish my memoir about my days as a travel editor and writer  — and to finish and publish that memoir, called GETTING NAKED FOR MONEY: An Accidental Travel Writer Reveals All.

So here we are. I still write about plenty of other things, especially food. And there’s a good chance Freud’s Butcher will return full force.

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