I’ve been in the doldrums lately — post partum after my book birth? too many publications I used to write for hitting the chopping block? — and have decided I know the cure: Contest! This one will be a bit less cerebral than my earlier What Books Would Bore Your Dog competition but just as much fun. And the prize(s) will be the same, a copy of Am I Boring My Dog.

The timing is perfect. There are five interconnected events to celebrate in October.

— The sixth-month anniversary of my blog (started April 12).

Adopt a Shelter Dog month

— The five year anniversary of adopting Frankie

— My birthday

— Halloween

Therefore I’m going back to the blog’s original mandate, that I would provide a place where people would feel no shame about dressing their dogs — provided, of course, that the clothing was comfortable and the pup willing. Indeed, this blog’s name, Will My Dog Hate Me, is short for Will My Dog Hate Me If I Dress Him (which was an alternative title to Am I Boring My Dog).

So to celebrate sharing my life with my own fashion forward rescue pup, I will award a copy of my book in five categories, based on a selection of the costumes that Frankie wore in the book trailer:

Western chic

Western wear Frankie
Western wear Frankie

Biker chic

Bad to the bone Frankie
Bad to the bone Frankie

Continental/Euro chic

Ooh la, la!
Ooh la, la Frankie!

Cross species or bad visual pun chic

Bad pun Frankie (Bunny, Easter Island -- get it?)
Bad pun Frankie (Bunny, Easter Island -- get it?)

Space chic (for some reason, I don’t have a still for this particular outfit, so I will be forced to post the entire book trailer video, heh, heh. Look towards the end, with Frankie wearing the tin foil Martian antennae)

The only rules: The dog must have been a rescue, and the costume must look like it’s not tormenting the dog. A good back story is an asset: Send any info you like about your dog’s name, age, story… I will give extra points for home made costumes, in keeping with the spirit of several of Frankie’s best looks. Continental Frankie’s beret, for example, was created by a pair of underpants belonging to one of the videographers secured in the back with a safety pin. (Hmmm. Should I be giving away trade secrets….?)

Oh yeah and no pugs dressed as spiders in the cross-species category. I’ve seen far too many of those, and though I adore pugs — and don’t mind spiders — it’s a cliche by now.

I learned something from my last contest: There’s no predicting how many entries there will be. So I’ll just say that I’m planning to post the entries throughout the rest of this month and that the contest will end on Halloween.

I’m also not sure about all the technical aspects of this but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Send jpegs to me at writestf at mac dot com with the subject line: Dog-tober Contest.

Have fun!

Update: I’ve  just been reminded that it’s Bo Obama’s birthday, another Dog-tober event to celebrate — and very apropos to this contest, since my first post was about Bo’s fashion sense. Many happy rrrrr–eturns!

7 thoughts on “Celebrating Dog-tober: A New Contest!”

    1. Oh, it’s not until the 23rd but thank you! It’s just my birthday month and I adopted Frankie for my birthday (which I’ll blog about).

      And here I thought you’d thrown together a costume for Tucker the Wonder Dog Reviewer already!

  1. And don’t forget another October event: today is Bo’s birthday, as Obama announced in his Nobel speech this a.m.

    1. You’re not suggesting that Frankie is bored…? Oh wait, it must be French existential ennui, not plain old American “What should I do today?” boredom.

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