It was hairy for a bit at contest headquarters. Although I had several excellent early entries, for a while they stopped coming and I worried that the pool of choices was slim. But a push during the last days garnered a number of premier options. This made my decision a good deal more difficult, which is as it should be. I worry when things seem too easy.

So after a great deal of deliberation, I chose Ida Banon’s “My dog is so hairy that ticks have to use machetes just to get close to her skin.” I was tickled by the image of a vast army of tiny insects hacking their way through a hair jungle.

Thank you all for your entries; to see them, click here. If I can’t get hold of Ida in the next few days I know I have several other great ones to chose from.

And good news: There’s another Win-a-FURminator contest going on at Pet News & Views. Today is the last day, though, so hurry on over there!

7 thoughts on “And the winner of the FURminator contest is…”

    1. I also liked the hair-as-condiment one, but it was a bit close to a previous entry about hair in food. And I like your following Jane Goodall around entry, and appreciate your participation, but as my best friend you can never win any of my contests — sorry!

  1. My dog is so furry that we won’t let her do any of the cooking unless he is wearing a hairnet.

    But seriously, thanks for the neat contest…and now it’s time to shave our dog…so we’re putting on our hazmat suits. 🙂

    1. Very funny — and congrats on your win! No shaving, please … wait until the FURminator arrives. My internet’s been down so I haven’t contacted you to make it official, but if you would send your address to me at the email listed on this blog I’ll pass it along to the FURminator folks.

      Hope you and your dog enjoy it!

      1. That’s what I get for being without internet for the past few days; it unhinged me. Correction: It was Ida Bannon who won — and whom I successfully contacted. But, still, don’t shave your dog, Richard. Buy a FURminator!

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