This was tough. It was really, really tough. The abundance of wonderfulness of the entries was such that my co-sponsor, Mary-Alice Pomputius of, and I were extremely conflicted.

But in the end, there was one contender that stood out not only for cuteness, and not only for technical skill — both of which it had, in spades — but also for the effort spent to create a website with an inspirational narrative. Here’s a picture of the winner:

Truffle has big dreams (and a fairly large toy bunny)

And here’s the link to the Truffle Wants a SleepyPod site.

The good news: The SleepyPod folks felt our pain and wanted to give the other contributors — as well as all those who have the good taste to read our blogs — the chance to get this great product (see the review here) at a 10% discount. Go to the “purchase” section of the  SleepyPod Air site and insert the following in the “Coupon Code” slot: FTC10. This discount is good until June 30.

And, not to intrude on YourDailyCute’s territory, but if you want an adorableness fix, check out the rest of the contest entries here. (If you’re really busy, make a beeline for the runner up, #15. But don’t tell anyone I revealed that secret information).

A big thanks to all who participated, even if you did cause us agita. Oh yes… and will the winner please send the information about the preferred color (sorry, no pink) as well as a mailing address to me or to Mary-Alice. We’ll be sure to forward it to the SleepyPod folks. (To be safe, I’d send the info to Mary-Alice. She already has a SleepyPod Air and Frankie has big dreams, too.)

3 thoughts on “And the winner of the SleepyPod Air is…”

  1. All good entries … I can see why the choice was hard. Cool that SleepyPod is offering a discount on the carrier – but much too small to hold either Ty or Buster.

    So when’s the next contest and what’s the prize?!

    1. Good questions, Rod! I’ll let you know as soon as I know if there’ll be another contest. Luckily, Ty and Buster have the GoPetFriendly-mobile to transport them everywhere.

  2. They are all stellar!!!!!! I think the “Chewy Doppelganger” has the best title…and a darned cute dog.

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