What dog does not love a gelateria?

I’m still a little crazed over the notion that a respected travel expert would dismiss an entire segment of travel, and a very popular one at that. Luckily, this month’s pet travel interview on Animal Cafe with Diane Silver, blogger at To Dog With Love and  caretaker of the charming Cosmo Havanese, provides an antidote to the notion that people shouldn’t travel with their pets.

Before they went

My post on Animal Cafe discusses some of the extensive preparations Diane made before taking her two trips to Italy with Cosmo; you’ll hear more details in the interview, below, and you can get additional information in such instructional posts on To Dog With Love as International Paperwork Preparation.

Diane also discusses traveling with a pet when you have a physical limitation, in her case not being able to carry Cosmo — or anything else — as a result of shoulder surgery. It’s not strictly related to Diane’s travels with Cosmo to Italy, but it’s very useful to know under any circumstances.

Why bother?

Travel expands the mind. To see how a different culture treats its pets and to experience Rome, Milan and Lake Como from a dog’s perspective — priceless. For more pictures and details of Cosmo and Diane’s excellent adventures, go to Travel to Italy with Your Dog: Seeing the Sights of Rome.

The contest

I know you’ll enjoy listening to this interview for its own sake but I was in the mood for a contest so I thought I’d add a bit of extra incentive.  The first person to answer the following question in this post’s comment section wins a copy of Am I Boring My Dog, signed and inscribed to you or to whomever you want me to inscribe it.

Cosmo was allowed indoors in plenty of places throughout Italy, but Diane and I discuss one major place where she went Cosmo-less. What was it?

Why do I call this an international contest? Because if someone from outside North America wins, I’m going to spring for the overseas postage. The book will probably arrive in time for you to give it as a Christmas present. I hope.

In bocca al lupo!

Update: And we have an early winner — the ambitious Erin of Buzz, the Diabetic Dog. Congratulations!

You should still listen to the interview, of course.

10 thoughts on “Pet Travel Overseas — & an International Contest”

  1. Wow, the idea of seeing Italy with my dog’s is almost overwhelmingly awesome. Italy is my dream city and I long to spend serious time there immersing myself in the culture. The thing stopping me? I doubt I could leave my dog’s for 3 weeks, much less the 3 month trip I would take if I could afford it…this has definitely given me some food for thought. Im glad I stopped by today!

    1. I’m glad you stopped by, too, and I hope it works out for you to go to Italy. I’ll look forward to the blog posts!

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