That’s the royal “we.” Frankie is staying at home. But I’ve done a guest post for Donna Hull, a terrific travel writer whose blog, My Itchy Travel Feet, has won all kinds of awards. It was Donna who provided me with the colorful dog clothing pictures from Asia that I posted last month.

Dog car booster seat from
Dog car booster seat from

Enjoy your trip to Donna’s blog (which, by the way, I envy for its clean layout and gorgeous pictures). And buckle up for safety.

2 thoughts on “We’re on the road”

  1. I love, love, love that picture of Frankie in the booster seat–oh wait–that isn’t Frankie, is it? I’ve just fallen into the “they all look alike” trap. Anyhow, nice post over at Donna’s MyItchyTravelFeet site.

    1. It *is* a wonderful picture, and though it isn’t Frankie I suspect you’re not the only one who thought it was; there’s a definite small fluffy white dog resemblance. And thank you for your nice words about the post!

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