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Portuguese Water Dogs & Pit Bulls: The Politics of the President’s Pets

Tweet Anything that President Obama does is news, which goes with the Leader of the Free World territory. And when the President does something warm and fuzzy, like getting a pet for his family — as opposed, say, to making recess appointments of agency heads —  more sections of the blogosphere than just the usual […]

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Animal Cafe: Have You Hung Out There Yet?

Tweet Observant readers of this blog may have noticed a pattern: Once a week I write  a post that refers to a podcast that appears on another site called Animal Cafe. Really observant readers — okay, if I’m lucky, members of my family — may have noticed that once a month I’m the one doing […]

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Selling Live Animals Online? Tell eBay No Way!

Tweet Several people have been blogging about how eBay has weaseled out of its promise not to sell puppies and kittens and other live animals online by shutting down its auctions but letting the abhorrent practice in through the back door of its classified ads. Here’s a sampling of the posts: Felissa Hadas at Two […]

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