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Paying BlogPaws Forward: Being the Change

Tweet This is going to be quick, because explaining what today’s “Be the Change” challenge is all about is better left to BlogPaws, the organization where it all started. And also because I want others to know that even if they’re busy and broke — guilty on both counts! — they can still help. First, […]
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And the winner of the FURminator contest is…

Tweet It was hairy for a bit at contest headquarters. Although I had several excellent early entries, for a while they stopped coming and I worried that the pool of choices was slim. But a push during the last days garnered a number of premier options. This made my decision a good deal more difficult, […]
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How hairy is your dog? Win a FURminator contest

Tweet The unsolicited — and wildly enthusiastic — endorsements that I got for the FURminator de-shedding tool in the comments section of several of my grooming posts caught the attention of the folks at the company that manufacturers it. They offered me one of their new, deluxe models, with a sleek ergonomic handle design and […]
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You’re shedding me!

Tweet Sorry, but it’s true. There’s nothing you can do to keep your dog from shedding. Nor should you want to. Shedding is a natural, ongoing process for dogs, just as it is for humans. As anyone who’s ever worn a black sweater or jacket can attest, regular brushing and combing won’t prevent some divestment […]
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DIY dog grooming: Some tips on brushing tools

Tweet The dog grooming dilemma: Do you want to go to a pro or do it yourself? What you decide depends on a number of things, including the type of dog you have, the way you’d like her to look, your income, and the steadiness of your hands with clippers, hair and nail. Most people […]
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Dog Grooming and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Tweet Admit it. The word “grooming” sounds kind of frou frou, something that only poodles* and little fussy dogs get subjected to. And it’s true, grooming does refer to parts of the dog’s body, including hair, nails, and eyes, that are often dealt with in human beauty salons. But a recent post on, called […]
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