While looking for the latest in my two series, Pet Adoption Videos That Don’t Make Me Want to Kill Myself  and Spay Neuter with a Smile, I found that  Animal Friends of Pittsburgh, one of my favorite sources for the first two, also produces a third kind, where they celebrate their volunteers. Think about what a terrific model for helping to solve the animal overpopulation problem this three-pronged approach makes:

  • Make it clear that adoption will bring joy — as opposed to sad sack, depressing animals — into your life.
  • Present the spay and neuter message with humor so people pay attention and learn that preventing pregnancies doesn’t have the downsides they might fear.
  • Thank your shelter volunteers. Volunteering is its own reward, sure, but it’s not easy.  Knowing that what you do is appreciated — and effective — gives people an extra incentive to come in.

Here’s one of Animal Friends’ efforts:

How great is that — people of all ages getting together to help animals. If you know any other videos that help celebrate shelter volunteers, send them my way. I feel a new series coming on…

11 thoughts on “Celebrating Animal Shelter Volunteers: The Video”

  1. You’ve found another great one. What a terrific way to recognize shelter volunteers.

    It would be great if you were able to find enough volunteer appreciation videos to create a new series. Perhaps Best Friends has some since they rely so heavily on volunteers and even invite people to volunteer on their vacations.

    1. Yes, I’m definitely going to search for new videos. These series are so much more fun than writing — and probably more effective 😉

  2. I LOVE that video! It is my personal belief that we’ve got to change the way we operate in the Animal Rights community. Looks like Animal Friends of Pittsburgh is way ahead of the curve. Way to go!

    1. Yes, Animal Friends of Pittsburgh is doing terrific things! Thanks for stopping by. And congratulations on your Versatile Blogger’s award!

  3. Absolutely stunning – showcasing the volunteers as well as the animals! I know we have the talent here to do this! Do start a third series – I so enjoy these upbeat videos.

    1. Well, Roberta, looks like you need to make a video — I promise to run it if you do! And yes, a series — maybe even a contest — is in the works…

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, B & D. I liked that they had all those adoption stats, suggesting that the dedication of the volunteers helped raise the numbers.

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