If my blog can be said to have a cast of characters, one of the key players — aside, of course, from Frankie — is my friend Karyn Zoldan, greyhound advocate par excellent. I’ve written often about her and her fellow beading divas, who make extremely attractive bracelets to benefit a variety of animal charities (here’s one of my favorite posts, about a birthday celebration for Lily Greyhound). They’ve been so successful at their jewelry selling, in fact, that they’re running out of beads. So they’re having a contest to get more.

Entering is easy: Just send beads.

You know, from that costume jewelry you never wear any more or from that gift from an old boyfriend you don’t want to think about. Old beads, new beads, borrowed beads, blue beads — oh wait, I got carried away. Don’t send any borrowed beads without permission.

In fact, before I say more stuff that I — or the beading divas — may regret, I’m going to turn you over to the Greyhound Injury Blog for details on the bead drive.

10 thoughts on “Just Bead It!”

  1. Tammy
    Thank you in advance.

    Yes, it’s been amazing beyond our wildest dreams and we love giving back to animal charities. Everyone has a chance to win.

    Thanks for the blog post – love the title!

  2. I never imagined that we would help so many animal groups by selling bracelets! thanks to everyone who has donated beads and others who have helped us make beautiful bracelets, we’ve been able to keep up! This next year we may even be able to help more groups if we have enough beads to meet demand! i am proud to be a part of this group. Thanks to all who have contributed, including this blog post!
    Diva Loren

  3. Being able to assist 16 different animal rescue groups from horses to ferrets, all types of canines, cats and wild life has been a very rewarding experience. In these difficult economic times, animal rescue groups are desperate for help as many people are forced to give up their pets because they can no longer afford to keep them. The more beads we receive, the more bracelets we can make and donate the money to help keep these groups fulfil their mission of animal rescue and placement into homes. Many thanks to everyone who have already donated beads.
    Diva Roja

  4. What a good thing to do for so many groups! I’ve always been convinced that if people put their skillsets to work to help non-profits, significant change can be achieved. Groups, especially small organizations, are in dire need of money and a heightened profile these days so applause to you for broadcasting this and to all the people on this project for doing this important work!

      1. Indeed I do! I buy beads that I think will look good on the collars, but don’t work out when I start working with them. Just mailed out a 6X6X6 box FULL of beads, I’m sure that the Beading Divas will have fun 🙂

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