I’ve been hinting at some exciting Yorkie action, a project Frankie and I have been working on with Dexter and Alana of Dexter’s Ruff Life and Steve and Luciana of the Gangs of New Yorkie. Well, it’s almost here! Just a brief teaser of fun to come…

11 thoughts on “Coming to websites near you…”

  1. Wow, what a great teaser! You’ve captured lots of attitude there.

    Are you really expanding into video production, Edie? You’re quite the renaissance woman.

  2. Jeeezzzze, Edie! That’s not fair. You are the consummate tease. First you taunt us with “there’s a cool new website coming about New Yorkies,” or something, I don’t remember exactly. But, you got me going, Don’t think I haven’t been thinking about it. Wondering. “When do we get to see the new website? What is it all about?” And now this little grabber. Damnit, I want MORE!!!!!! 🙂

    1. No, no, Deborah, I’m not that much of a tease! We’re talking two separate projects — one that will remain under wraps until the site actually goes up, and this one, which is a rap contest (Bark Off) between two Yorkies who already have their own sites, Dexter’s Ruff Life and Gangs of New Yorkie. I will be hosting that contest here on Monday… Not long to wait!

    1. I can take no credit for the “Will My Dog Hate Me Production” — that was totally the idea of Alana of Dexter’s Ruff Life, though I embraced it with great enthusiasm. And – as you might surmise, given my limited tech skills – all the video was created by Alana too. I will take credit only for the idea of the bark off between these two baaad to the bone Yorkies.

  3. OMG! Hilarious! I can’t wait to see who wins, although I must say I know about the Gangs of New Yorkie so I may be rooting for them. 🙂

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