Mary Alice and Chloe

I’ve known Mary-Alice Pomputius and her blog, Dog Jaunt, for quite a while…well, quite a while in blog years, which are similar to dog years for telescoping time. Looking back through my email files to see just how long, I saw that I asked her to write a guest post for me in November 2009, which appeared as Five Training Tips for Traveling with Your Dog. That’s a year and a half ago, the equivalent of at least six years OMT (Old Media Time), don’t you think?

I didn’t have many guest bloggers then — Mary Alice was my second — because I didn’t dare ask anyone to appear on a blog that few people read (now that I have a little more traffic, I’m shameless in trying to enlist other bloggers I like to help me out).  But I was so impressed by Mary-Alice’s attention to detail in discussing her journeys with her small dog, Chloe, and with her ability to impart that information clearly that I really wanted her to write something for me.  Mary-Alice also had an engaging persona, so I decided that I had nothing to lose by asking her.

I was correct.

But you know how someone can have an engaging persona and then turn out to be a complete phony?  I’m happy to report that, after meeting Mary-Alice at both 2010 BlogPaws conferences, she is as charming in person as she is in print.

I’m therefore doubly pleased to be able to present this interview with her, and hope you will listen to it and then come by and chat with us at Animal on Wednesday, 9pm EST.

By the way, speaking of new vs old technology, I apologize for the quality of the podcast, which I recorded over the phone with a digital recorder. I was hoping it could be fixed, but Walter, Mary-Alice’s computer geek husband, said:

I probably couldn’t do much with it…the phone actively removes high and low frequencies and you can’t magically restore them.

It just sounds like old school Larry King. Perfectly respectable. 🙂

My lack of technical skill is also the source of the interview’s abrupt ending. On the phone, I thanked Mary-Alice for talking with me, and she and I bid each other cordial good-byes, but somehow I spliced that part off the tape and couldn’t make it come back.

How’s that for enticing you to listen to the entire interview to the end to see what I mean?

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