Not everyone can afford to travel overseas with a pet, and those with large dogs are at a particular disadvantage.  Today’s Pet Travel Thursday post therefore takes you on virtual world journey. I’ve aimed at breed appropriateness  — and Halloween costume inspiration — wherever possible.


A chihuahua and a taco may be a bit stereotypical but admit it: This combo is darned cute. If you’d like to purchase one for your own little jumping bean, see G.W. Little.


A dachshund in lederhosen! Squee! I’m afraid this particular item sold while I was writing the post, but there are several adorable substitutes on Etsy.


When my baby,
When my baby smiles at me,
I go to Rio
De Janeiro.
My-o me-o…
I go wild and then
I have to do the samba,
And la bamba.

To dress your own Mardi Gras queen, see the BarkinWoofer store.


Amidst all the tacky French maid costumes, I found this gem. Not only is this tasteful attire modeled by a French Bulldog, but it comes replete with DIY instructions from


This picture, from the, is followed up by one purporting to show the deep shame of this dog (the best guess is that it’s a shaved Pomeranian). For more ridiculously cute dogs in kimonos see’s 10 Kawaii Dogs in Kimonos.

Update: Dr. Jessie Voight, my co-contributor over at A Traveler’s Library, asked me if only small dogs wear costumes. I assured her that this wasn’t the case and as proof mentioned the Tosa Inu, the sumo wrestler of dogs. Here’s one decked out in ceremonial garb:

The winner!

You can read all about it here.

16 thoughts on “Dogs in International Costumes: Bone Voyage!”

    1. You know it occurs to me that if I had found a French poodle in a French maid’s costume I would have used it. Those other breeds just don’t cut it as courtesans 😉

  1. Ha ha ha, these are adorable. Love em. Kol and Fe may not agree but dog costumes are the cutest and since I have the opposable thumbs, they’ll be dressing up again this year.

  2. The dogs have costumes that match their breed. They all look so adorable. The chihuahua wearing the taco looks so amusing. But I like Japan’s entry the best, it is so picture perfect.

  3. OMG Edie. I cannot believe I missed this one! Thanks to AJ for putting you on her list of 22 things that made her smile in 2011. How did you ever find these costumes???

    1. I’m embarrassed to admit I didn’t know about AJ’s list until you mentioned it here. As for the costumes, it’s not that hard to find some gems around Halloween. Glad you enjoyed them!

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