Anyone could have predicted that a dog named Chanel was destined to be a clothes horse…uh, hound. But there was no way to know that the little Long Island dachshund would live for 21 years and nab a place in Guinness World Records as the world’s oldest dog. Clad in spiffy red Doggles to shield her cataracts and a cheery citrus sweater to ward off chills– although there’s no evidence that she chose the color in honor of the ASPCA’s Go Orange photo contest, I’m sure Chanel wouldn’t mind giving the organization a plug — the spry pooch recently made the talk show circuit to celebrate her 21st birthday. As Meredith Vieira quipped to Matt Lauer on Today, now she can legally drink whisky out of  the toilet bowl. (To see her appearance on the show, click here.)

Live long(er) and prosper, Chanel. You’re a role model for aging gracefully — and fashionably.

21 is the new 15
21 is the new 15

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