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I admit it. I tend to be a stickler about language precision. Yet the title of this post is ambiguous. Reading it, you might wonder whether it is the pet food or the purveyor that is high quality.

My answer would be: Both! Anthony Holloway and his company,, are two class acts.

As Dr. Lorie Huston’s interview with him on Animal Cafe explains, Anthony’s reason for starting an online pet food business was personal: While living in a rural area, he couldn’t find the noncommercial brand he needed to feed one of his dogs, a Yellow lab with terrible food allergies. He soon realized that other people probably had similar difficulties. So Anthony  and his wife, Kate, decided to fill a need by starting an online company that sells high-quality brands.

And there’s more.  The company doesn’t only focus on healthy food, but also explains its criteria for determining what that means. Among other things, k9Cuisine allows you to figure out if your current chow is up to snuff with the extremely useful dog food rating tool.

As for the high quality of Anthony himself…anyone who has had the pleasure of encountering him, whether online or in person, knows that he is an extremely nice and generous guy. By any criteria you might apply.

So listen to the interview here and then come back to the site on Wednesday, April 6, at 9pm EST for a live chat with this high-quality guy who purveys high-quality pet food.


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