Dexter says, "I'M KING OF THE WORLD"!

It’s official: Dexter kicked Steve’s furry little butt in The Great Yorkie Bark-Off.

The Breakdown

Steve put up a valiant fight. He had a cadre of fans who were charmed by his ever-present tongue, plus a very strong international following.But he messed with Piggie, Dex’s constant companion, by trying to enlist him in his Gang of New Yorkies. And a lot of Dexter’s followers thought that was low.

And, to be fair, Dexter engaged in a little side action, offering up a chance to win a Piggie in exchange for votes.

The bottom line: Dex is a baaad mother puppy. And he deserved to win.

The Aftermath

Steve didn’t take defeat very well.

Steve drowns his sorrows

It wasn’t pretty. And it wasn’t cheap. Steve has expensive tastes in booze.

And now he’s going to have to face the consequences of his defeat — whatever penance Dexter decides — with a hangover.

Check in later with Dexter’s Ruff Life and The Gangs of New Yorkie for details; the former is currently resting on his laurels, the latter…well, you know what he’s been up to.

The Contest

And now what you’ve been waiting for: The winner of the contest, chosen by Random.Org, is #121: Bev Nicholson & Mugly, who commented “Dexter all the way! just love the hair on his ears. Sooo cute Mugly likes a hairy one!xx”

Congratulations! The prizes are a Gangs of New Yorkie collar or a harness AND a personalized portrait by Dex’s mom (see here). Mugly is in for some treats! The boys will both be in touch, Bev. When they recover from the bout.

15 thoughts on “It’s the Northie in a Landslide!”

  1. I am so sorry that Steve felt he had to go hit the bottle(s), but Dex is more well- known around here, and had that advantage. I had not heard of Gangs of New Yorkie and Steve until you introduced him here, and am glad to know him better now!

    Hey, whaddaya mean, side-action?? I had no such offers…jeez – this *was* one rough showdown! Congrats to #121, Bev & Mugly=)

    1. It’s true, Dex has his own YouTube channel, and “a stage mom” who manages his career very well. As it happens, I knew Steve first and had been planning to do something with him alone when the new kid came along and…well, the rest is history.

  2. Sorry Steve 🙁 You did put up a great fight and to think that the lucky winner gets to wear a Gangs of New Yorkie collar…that’s a big win!
    Great contest and lots of fun – congratulations to Dexter too!

  3. Tanks to everyone dat voted for me as da baddest mother puppy around!!! Steve did put up a good fight and even tho we had some growling the past week, we is good furiends and everyone should check out all da cool tings Gangs of New Yorkie sells! i has one of da personalized harnesses myself and i loves it!!!

    dis was great fun and i hope da winner loves da prizes!!! i picked da piggie winner and will be announcing it on my blog shortly!

    tanks Edie and Frankie for hosting da Great Yorkie Bark-Off!!!

    1. Thanks for coming by, Dexter, and for being such a gracious winner! I was happy to host the Great Yorkie Bark-Off — it was a blast. I’m afraid Frankie feels a bit different about the event. He’s just relieved to get all those other terriers off *his* blog.

  4. Estou triste,queria meu sobrinho STEVE campeão
    He ‘s a very best actor.He is futur Oscar winner.

  5. I gotta say this: even though I am one confident yorkie, I knew that the competition would be ruff! Dexter is the most talented motherpuppy I have ever met & now that I sobered up, I can say that it was an honor to share the stage with this awesome young fellow… There is a reason why Dexter is a such celebrity!!
    And Frankie: you are one cool ref, dude!
    Steve, aka the runner up

  6. This is so wrong…Archie and I are joining Steve in the bottle. (No fair commenting on our proclivities, Edie!)

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