I really didn’t want to blog about canine diabetes.

Specifically, I didn’t want to create a site where people only came to discuss illness. I was terrified of having a comments section where all the avatars wore angel wings, and where the Rainbow Bridge was the most popular travel destination.

And I especially didn’t want people to think of Frankie, the cute pup in the picture frame, as a disease, not a dog.

But I can’t pretend that Frankie’s diabetes doesn’t have a huge impact on our lives, not all of it negative. Yes, there are the insulin — uh, Vetsulin — shots twice a day, 12 hours apart (his). The obsessing about diet (mine). The urine strips to measure glucose (a joint effort, involving his peeing into a glass dish and my dipping skinny slips of paper into it).

But there’s also the change in career (mine) to become a dog writer.

I’ll get to all that. This is just to say that I’m expanding the scope of these posts so as not to ignore the elephant in the room — the pachyderm with the high blood sugar.

But here’s the deal: I won’t abandon dog fashion altogether if you promise not to post comments with an angel dog avatar.

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