Etsy Frankie7 editedLast week I was thrilled to be able to show you the wonderful gift of Frankie art I got from AJ Emm. Then on Saturday, I was totally blown away to find a box with another artistic rendition of Frankie — this one a small wire sculpture, a surprise gift from my wonderful niece Rebecca.

It was created by WireArtInk, “whimsical animal art sculpture by Antonia,” as the Etsy description puts it.

Etsy Frankie 9c editAlthough it’s somewhat abstract, it really captured Frankie — I think it was the splayed feet stance, as well as the ears and nose.

Frankie was already immortalized on a greeting card, cocktail napkins and refrigerator magnet, he was in a video, and now he appears in digital art and sculpture. I think Frankie Art is definitely a trend.

I’m not surprised that he continues to inspire. He was one stellar pup.


16 thoughts on “Frankie Art: A New Trend?”

  1. And here you said the Muse had retired. Instead, he is going on to inspire, if not the world,, at least the world of dog art!

  2. I love the wire sculpture, it’s so unique, what a thoughtful gift! I, for one, would be thrilled if Frankie Art became the next big thing. What a lovely way to honour him.

  3. I looked back at AJ Emm’s portrait of Frankie, too – wow. He really left a legacy for you to share. Rock star Frankie!

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