I love pet blogging for a lot of reasons, including that it’s a great democratizer. I would never have felt comfortable asking my own vet to write about the benefits of pumpkin for dogs but when Dr. Laci Schaible commented on one of my blog posts, I checked out her VetLive site, discovered it was new and interesting — and immediately felt comfortable pumping her for information about pumpkins. She came through, in spades, as you can see here.

Dr. Schaible in turn asked me to write a guest post — fair is fair! — from the perspective of a veterinary client dealing with tough economic times. And so I did. It appears today on the VetLive site.

One thing: Those who read this blog will be aware that Frankie is not the dog pictured in the post. He occasionally gets picky about public appearances and refuses to pose. Consider the cute black dog you see there his shadow side, his doppleganger, his body double, a potential love interest… whatever your imagination desires.

2 thoughts on “Guest Blog with Mystery Dog”

  1. I took advantage of your guest post to snoop around the VetLive site. There was some interesting content about vet costs being quite low when compared to human care.

    But when placed in the context of your post, it’s no comfort to know your costs could be higher if you can’t afford the treatment to begin with.

    Do you think as laws about companion animals change we may be able to deduct vet care over a certain percentage from our taxes? Or use our Flex health care money for pets as well as human family?

    1. I love that concept and there was a bill proposed on that very topic recently. It was pooh poohed as too difficult to enforce — and too easy to cheat on. People could claim all manner of creatures as dependents, so the naysayers contended. That said, if it was strictly vet care that could be deducted — as opposed to food and upkeep — with verifiable receipts, I think it’s doable.

      We can always hope, anyway! I’ve been saving Frankie’s vet bills for a long time, just in case…

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