This really doesn’t need much explanation, except for a few things:

  • I did not buy the fuzzy dreidl for Frankie. It was a gift from his early days.
  • He doesn’t much like it. It is too large for him. It is not squeaky. Rather, it plays a Children of the Corn creepy version of the dreidl song: Dreidl song (which you may or may not be able to hear. I’ve been having trouble embedding this 17-second mp3 file. It plays once for me, and that’s it. Can anyone else hear it? Suggest other ways to embed it other than with the new WordPress media tool?)
  • Frankie is NOT getting eight gifts, as Pamela from Something Wagging This Way Comes waggishly suggested on Facebook. He’s not getting any. Aside from my feelings about gift exchanges in general, he loves his squeaky carrots and, within minutes, rejects all other toys that are not appropriately shaped and don’t have removable squeakers.
    The squeaky carrot

    I loved Mel Freer’s post on No Dog About It about her decision not to buy new toys for Christmas, Old is the New “New.

Has anyone else made that decision about pet gifts, for any reasons? Or is it Grinchy to even ask?

And whatever you do or don’t celebrate: Happy Holidays!

25 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday, Chanukah Edition”

  1. I have never seen a squeaky carrot. Last year Chester and Gretel each got a stocking stuffed with toys and treats. Since they will be celebrating Christmas away from us we didn’t get them anything this year…although I do need to buy more dog food when we get back πŸ™‚

    1. Ah, I should explain the squeaky carrot: It’s actually — shhh! — a cat toy. Dr. Noyes makes these terrific toys with velcro so you can put in new squeakers or, as in this case, substitute a squeaker for the original catnip.

      I hope Chester and Gretel — and you and your SO — have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. What’s worst about the non-squeaky dreidl is that it reflects in Frankie’s eyes and makes them look blue. Outrage! Makes him look far less deep and commanding than he is.

    Archie didn’t understand these seasonal gifts. Received antlers from his aunt-in-law, shook them off immediately, and chewed them out of all recognition looking for the requisite squeaker. Another piece of evidence that Archie felt that costuming of any kind was beneath his dignity (sorry, Edie, one of our few areas of disagreement).

    1. Oh, you don’t know what I went through trying to get Frankie’s eyes look like dog eyes — as opposed to pirate eyes or zombie eyes. Any slight bit of blue is nothing in comparison with the alternatives. And yes, we’ll have to agree to disagree about the clothing issues.

  3. OMDog, I need a carrot for Justus. His mission, with any squeeker, is to immediately if not sooner remove it. It does make him sit well and pay attention in photo shoots, however.
    And no, I don’t get new toys; I keep toys to a minimum, mostly for my sanity.

    I was able to hear the Dreidl song, such as it is, twice; sorry, didn’t want to listen more :). Happy Chanukah!

    1. I’m very excited that you were able to hear the Dreidl song, and can’t blame you for not wanting to listen another time. Frankie couldn’t agree more!

  4. OMG – it *is* Children of the Corn singing, er, chanting the Dreidl song! Hilarious. The blue as the whites of Frankie’s eyes makes him looked possessed so the photo is a great match with that…music=)

    I agree on the no more toys – I rotate them so he has the pleasure of renewing old acquaintances year round. He has his favorites, too, depending on his mood, but three of them are, uh, dog-earred I guess you could say. He will get something new though because I won the Angry Birds contest Mel Freer was having (hee-heeeee!)

    Happy happy, merry merry!

    1. Ha, Frankie the possessed with the demonic dreidl song! Luckily Jewish tradition doesn’t have a strong sense of the Satanic; otherwise I’d have to have Frankie exorcised!

      Congrats to you for winning the Angry Birds toy and to Tashi for getting a new toy! Merry merry to you (collectively) too!

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  6. Thanks for the mention Edie. Although I didn’t expect it at the time, I have to say the no new toys resonated with quite a few people. I also love that some people make their own gifts. I thought that was a great idea. Recycle!

    I have to say that the carrot would be a hit at our house too. Anything squeaky is a favorite of Cupcake’s.

    I personally think the dreidl makes Frankie’s eyes look beautiful. I never knew he had blue eyes before. Happy Chanukah!

    1. You’re very welcome. I’m glad others are on board with the no toys campaign.

      Maybe I’ll just start calling Frankie old blue eyes. He certainly likes to have things “my way.”

  7. As in so much else I compromised on new toys this year. One each for the two dogs that like to play with toys (although one of those has not arrived yet) and a harness that fits for Charles who has been using a too-large hand me down. Miriam and Bandit do wear out -read destroy- toys so some renewal is in order. But the budget really limits how much this year.

    1. The squeaky carrot is the squeaky chile surrogate — same size, different color. The chile, even after your excellent repairs, is on its last legs (to mix a chile metaphor)

    1. If there was a equivalent for Hanukkah, Frankie would be Scrooge. Thanks for the holiday wishes. Same to you and Dexter and Jersey and Sean!

  8. We are buying a few new things this year and I will probably dole them out as “Christmas Presents”, mostly because Koly and Fe are avid toy players and new toys rock their world. A new toy each will keep them out of my hair while I make Christmas dinner and on their best behavior while the guests are here. We do have some pretty hard and fast rules around her about new toys (the Daddy is a shopaholic). Anything that isn’t an immediate hit goes to the shelter and any new toy coming in mean an old toy has to go.

  9. We haven’t bought any pet gifts this year, which is strange as I’ve normally emptied my bank account doing so by now. But it hasn’t even been on my radar. My animals will hardly be neglected as my in-laws, parents, and friends have all included little gifts for the pets in their parcels to us. And we found an un-chewed pig ear in the back of the cupboard last week. That will probably suffice to keep the dog out of our hair while we prepare the big meal. Which is what it’s all about. πŸ˜‰

    Happy Holidays to you and Frankie! I received your book in the mail yesterday and am very excited to start reading it!

    1. Somehow I didn’t imagine you — or, really, anyone who tends to comment here — neglecting their pets during the holidays! It was just a question of what type of largesse was involved…

      Happy holidays to you and your household! I hope you enjoy the book — and I appreciate your buying it!

  10. I participated in a pet giving survey online recently and discovered I’m one of only 8% of people who said they don’t give gifts to their pets at Christmas.

    To me the whole point of giving a gift is because it’s meaningful to the recipient. While I know Honey is always happy for a new yummy or toy, Christmas means nothing to her. So why bother?

    If I spend too much time around pet sites this season, I start to feel like such a meanie. I’m glad you and Mel and a few others have your heads on straight during this time of Saturnalia, solstice, tree worshipping, candle-lighting, Santaphilia, harvest first fruits, and Jesus nativity.

    1. I’m usually a fan of what some people might consider irrational pet love but in this case think the money would be better spent elsewhere — to help animals, e.g. I can’t believe only 8% agree… maybe they surveys are on the sites that are selling stuff, so the people on them might be more acquisitive?

      Anyway, Happy Festivus to you and yours, Pamela.

  11. My dog likes to sleep for long hours just like me. So I have decided to bring a new bed for him this Christmas which would be much bigger than the present one. I hope he likes it.

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