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First — drum roll — the winner of a selection of all natural gourmet dog treats from Zack N Boo’s Kitchen, my contribution to the Holiday Hop for Pets Giveaway. There were so many deserving entries that I was glad I could leave the choice up to the random wisdom of the universe, in the form of It decided on comment #29, submitted by Emily S., who wrote, “My dogs, especially the old ones, deserve these treats because they give so much love to the residents at my mom’s nursing home.” Geriatric pups that bring  joy to nursing home residents? How much more deserving can you get?

Well, maybe not more, but other dogs — and their owners — were equally deserving. There’s Clare, my best friend, whose Archie is not long for this world (and who may just get those treats anyway); Trisha, whose dog Dottie lost her buddy, Frieda, and who “is still mourning the hole in her heart and mine”; and, on a more upbeat note, Steve of The Gangs of New Yorkie, the self-described founder of the RTS (Restless Tail Syndrome) support group and the site’s Chief Barking Officer.

All the others who believed their dogs deserved treats because they worked hard, were loyal, wonderful, obedient, adorable, voracious and nondiscriminating… Winners too, to share their lives with such peachy pooches.

And here I am,  reading these witty, touching, sweet and heartfelt tributes… thankful to be part of this winning community.

6 thoughts on “And the Winners Are…”

    1. Don’t feel bad — you’re in Australia, right? I limited the contest to North America because of the prohibitive postage or slow boat factor…

      1. aha! :p

        we’re just a little jealous. we’re always seeing lots of exciting things going on among north american dogbloggers. hops and rolls and giveaways. wonder if there’s any going on here that i’ve just not seen yet.

  1. I have to give a woof-out to Steve, champion of terrierists! Archie is such a sufferer (enthusiast) of RTS that he’s darned near worn out the hinge between tail and butt.

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