I don’t usually do product reviews. They tend to involve food that Frankie can’t eat, because he’s diabetic, and toys that Frankie won’t play with because… well, he’s part terrier. Ask him why he’s a refusenik.

But when I was approached to try the Mommy Bus, I was at first confused — was I being mistaken for a mommy blogger? — and then, after checking out the product, charmed.

In case the picture doesn’t make it obvious, the Mommy Bus is a pet carrier in the shape of a passenger vehicle. The side pockets and the wheels are both zip compartments. The side and front windows are mesh that your pet can breathe through.

Note that I use the word “pet” instead of dog because it’s the perfect size for a cat and, in one picture, the website shows a cat inside. I do wonder how the mesh would hold up to cat claws.

But what finally convinced me that I needed a Mommy Bus for Frankie was the video.

The song was really catchy.  The dogs were adorable. The women — mother and daughter? — and pups all looked like they were having a blast.

And best of all, the video promotes car safety. The Mommy Bus was placed in the back of the car and secured with a seatbelt every time.

I was sold.

I told the Mommy Bus folks that I would try it on Frankie and if he didn’t like it, I would give it away in a contest.

It arrived yesterday.

Frankie investigates the intruder

I couldn’t bring myself to unwrap it.

For one thing, the wrapping was so gorgeous I knew I couldn’t replicate it. For another, I knew in my heart of hearts that Frankie is as much of  a Mommy Bus dog as I’m a Mommy Bus mommy. As in not at all. Frankie doesn’t enjoy being carried around, and while I would love to be a clean car-well-dressed-shopping-and-dog-toting-person, I’m just not.

Are you sure you don’t want me to ride in it?

When they make a carrier in the shape of an old VW van and have a line of elastic waist clothing to go with it, I’m there.

So reluctantly but realistically I’m giving it away, in pristine condition. I haven’t tested it for functionality but I can vouch for its adorableness. It’ll make someone with a small (less than 15 pounds) dog or cat a great Christmas gift (it’s too late for Hanukkah, sorry, plus there’s that red and green ribbon…).

But I’m serious about car safety. No one wins a carrier without promising to secure it in the back seat of their car — or, if it’s a gift, telling the recipient to do so.  Before you enter this contest, then, read Friday Focus: Five Car Safety Tips. I’ll know if you just pretended. I have my ways.

Then come back to this post and comment below why your pet — or the gift’s proposed recipient — deserves to travel safely in the Mommy Bus.

That’s it. The winner will be chosen by the magic Random.org machine.

I’m afraid this contest is restricted to entries in the United States, because I’m paying postage and it’s not a light item.

The contest starts today, December 2, at 6:30 AM Mountain Time and ends Monday, Dec. 6 at 11:59pm MT. I’ll announce the winner, who has two days to claim it, on Tuesday.

90 thoughts on “Contest: Win the world’s cutest pet carrier!”

  1. 44. The newest addition to our family is a Minature Pincher. He was sent to the local puppy mill by law enforcement that shut the breader down and sent the dog to the local shelter. Then days before he was set to be put down an animal rescue group took him in. We now have this adorable dog.

    He is almost 2 years old and we are his first owner. He has never been on a leash and never had an owner.

    We feel so blessed to have had our dog, Atlas, join our home. I would love to have a safe carrier to take him with us when we travel

  2. 45. This is just Too cute! A little to small for Erin or Buck but I have a good friend with two yorkies that would love this. If I was lucky enough to win, it would definitely be a gift for them.

  3. 46. Cute carrier and I like how it can be strapped in the back seat like a car seat! Safety first!
    This would work perfect for my gang! I have two tiny girls that would love to travel in this!Great contest idea and I love your blog too! Best of luck to everyone! Can’t wait to see who the winner is!

  4. 47. We would love this carrier! We drive Gus to the park or River Walk at least 2 or 3 times a week, and we’re constantly moving his current carrier from one car to the other. It’s always safely secured in the backseat!

  5. 48. I would LOVE the Mommy Bus for our sweet Casey. We rescued her this past March and I spoil her rotten. She had a rough start but now it’s nothing but the best for our girl!

  6. 50. My ol’ kitty is ancient, nearly 20 years of age. Zammy in her day was a quirky, lively little lady, but now needs a little extra help getting around. She likes to travel, believe it or not, and I think she’d get a kick out of all the attention this would get her!

  7. 51. I have 2 beautiful babies that would benefit from this carrier! My chihuahua is a puppy mill rescue and I adopted my chinese crested from CL. My crested loves to go for rides, but seems anxious at times, so I’m sure she would feel more secure in a pet carrier. And The Mommy Bus is adorable! Not to mention the versatility of taking it out of the car, and strapping it back in!

    Regardless–whoever wins is in for a great Christmas treat!

    Angie, Titan & Aphroditi

  8. 52. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this carrier, and it would be perfect for my latest addition, Chance. He is a foster-turned family pet (yes, I am a foster failure) that looks amazingly like your Frankie!
    We call him a “Poo-Bichon” . He was found on the street and turned in to animal control, but now he’s out 10-lb ball of energy!

  9. 53. I am fostering a 5 mo.old Pug and she has to make a 300 mile trip to her forever home and I want her to be safe.

  10. 54. We have done yorkie rescues for the last several years and currently have 6 of our own right now.
    We have done over 400 in the last several years and this would help and call attention to help us place the little ones.
    Thank you so much for your contribution.

    Our site is called A Yorkie Lover and Family

  11. 55. I have four cats – so I am not entirely sure who will be lucky enough to inherit this – but it will get lots of use. It’s awesome!!

  12. 56. This would be perfect for my cat Brownie and much safer than her hard carrier because she would be buckled in 🙂

  13. 57. My mom’s chihuahua desperately needs the bus because he like to stand in her lap while she drives and it’s hard for her to keep her hands on the wheel.

  14. 58. I think this is such a cute and safe way to travel with my pomeranian. The reason I would like to win this contest is because my husband serves in the military and we are always moving and this will be an easy and safe wayto travel with my pomeranian.
    Thank you

  15. 60. Our pet deserves to ride safely because we love them so so much and want them around for us a long time and they will be protected inside it

  16. 61. My cats would love this carrier, as they could ride in style and show the other cats in the neighborhood who is boss.

    in the USA

  17. 62. Our little Poodle/Maltese is so tiny, that he just flops around during car rides! And I hate that because he looooovveeesss to travel with us!

  18. 63. I love this! My little corgi wouldn’t fit, which makes me upset since this is too cute! my grandmothers dog would fit though and would look just as cute. I think he deserves it because every dog deserves to travel safely!
    xbeautifulcoma at yahoo dot com

  19. 64. This would be wonderful for our babies. We had a cocker and was in a accident and ended up loosing her due to interanal injuries. I loved her like one of my kids and my heart is still broke. So i dont take my babies with, but wish i could and thia would be perfect for them.

  20. 65. I’ve never had a dog and had never thought about an unrestrained dog in a car. The article and comments were very enlightening.
    My cat will like this carrier (well, maybe not, but I will) and I will put a seat belt on it in the car.

    Thanks for the contest.

  21. 66. I used to put my cat’s carrier in the front seat of the car. I would sometimes secure it with a seatbelt through the handle, and it was the hard-side variety. I will never do it again after being in a wreck with three cats in the car. Fortunately, they were all in the back seat that time, and they were each in his own hardside case. It wasn’t a bad wreck, in that we didn’t roll over or anything, thank goodness. I was going straight, through a green light, when a driver coming from the opposite direction made a left turn in front of me, and we collided and I slid into another parked car. My car wasn’t drivable, and I was in the middle of moving, and this was long before cell phones were common, so me and the cats sat in the police station until I could finally make contact with my parents. Anyway, after that, the cats always rode in the back seat. I am not as diligent about securing them with a seatbelt though, and I’ll try to remember to do that from now on.

    As for the World’s Cutest Pet Carrier, I could use that for Wicket, Remy, or Trickster. Petra would probably tear her way out of it. Misha might fit the weight requirements, but she tends to have accidents, best in the hard-side carriers. Indy, Presto, Jynx and Kali are definitely too big. Now that we’re back up to nine cats, though, we have talked about how we need some additional carriers in case we need to evacuate for a hurricane or something.

  22. 67. Our little fella deserves to travel safely in this cute bus because he is the love of our life and we take the upmost care of him

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  23. 68. I read the tips. I have been without my pug for almost 2 years, and am planning on getting a pug puppy. But, I think I would give this to a family member who has small dogs.

  24. 69. Princess and Hershey , my two loving babies, deserves to travel safely because they are such a big part of our family.

  25. 70. I have only had my rescue dog for 3 months and we have not really traveled much. I had not put a lot of thought into it. I really do need to think about car rides because I want to keep my little cutie safe from harm but then I don’t want her to distract me into an accident. This bus really is the cutest thing I have ever seen!

  26. Hmmmmm I actually need a carrier. I use a harness seat belt attachment for my dogs that buckles into the seat belt attachment-this works for two of my three dogs. My Princess has eaten hers, and attempted to eat Elvis’ also! She chews them and thus I have to replace them, after replacing three I’m going with a buckled in carrier for her now…hoping to have it under the tree for Christmas, but WINNING one would be even better-this one is so stinking cute! If I don’t win this one, I’m just going to have to buy one it is too cute to not get! Here’s the link for the ones I buy online and use already-they are great-she just just nips away at each strand of threading until she has undone the entire thing after a 5 minute drive down the road! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=350373860862&var=620004529266&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT

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