‘Tis the season to be…frazzled. And if your dog is anything like Frankie, he will follow you around the house as you bustle about, getting underfoot, raising the frazzle factor fourfold.

What you both need is something to help you chill. And alcohol isn’t a good idea for either of you (well, you can drink later, but no tippling during the day if you’re trying to get stuff done.)

A far better bet: This week’s free Through A Dog’s Ear 7-day music download: A different classical music performance designed to soothe your dog — and you — every day. Think about it: Spending a few minutes at your computer downloading classical music will force you to take a breather, and not having to spend money on it is a de-stresser in itself.

The site also details a contest that will help provide CDs to your favorite shelter. Doing good is notoriously soothing too. In fact, I feel better  just sharing this gift that’s available to everyone (and that means you, Georgia Little Pea, down under).

As for the effect on your pup when you put it on your preferred music player…well, I’ll let this personal testimonial from Wrigley the blogging dog speak for me.

5 thoughts on “Ooh, soothing – free! – dog music”

  1. What a great holiday treat – for four and two-leggeds;) I’ve been wanting to hear this, and what do you know? Hmmm…so maybe now I should concentrate on that winning lottery ticket…ho ho ho!

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