Every now and then I hear people on TV disparaging bloggers as losers who sit in their parents’ basements, typing away in their pajamas. My experience with pet bloggers has been dramatically different. Our shared concerns — and our shared traffic — have accomplished amazing things, from getting food donated to shelters to getting individual animals adopted to raising consciousness about important issues like puppy mills that has led to saving lives, big time.

Travel Bloggers Care Too

I’m excited to have joined another community that is equally devoted to doing good. By becoming a contributor at A Traveler’s Library, I’ve become aware of an annual campaign called Passports with Purpose, which raises funds for different worthy causes. This year it’s building two libraries for children in Zambia.

The thing that’s especially cool about this campaign is that, when you donate $10, you’re eligible to win awesome prizes, worth up to $1000.

I wasn’t aware of the program in time to get a sponsor to contribute any prizes to Will My Dog Hate Me this year, so I’m going to turn you over to my pal Vera Marie Badertscher at A Traveler’s Library, who has three terrific ones on offer. And who can explain it all.

I suppose I should admit that I’m wearing pajamas as I type this, though I am not in anyone’s basement. We don’t have basements in Southern Arizona.

Pooches with Purpose

Joining the Traveler’s Library stellar team of contributors also led me to start a pet travel book club, which will be held simultaneously on both sites. Two different reviews by one person — who will not be me next week — on each site means two chances next week to win prizes: A signed or an unsigned copy of the book:

I’ll explain further next week (December 8), the day the book club meets, but basically if you comment on the book and/or contribute a question to ask Tom Ryan, the book’s author, on both sites you’ll have two chances to win a book.

So you should read the book, which involves a dog who helps with two fund-raising efforts (thus my ability to give this post an awesomely alliterative title).

I know, that sound boring. But it isn’t. And you don’t have to take my word for it. The book inspired a recent guest post on my blog about mountain climbing dachshunds and a “I can’t wait to discuss the book” post — along with a fun video of dogs romping on the beach — at Kenzo the Hovawart. 

One thing: If you started the book and got bogged down in the first mountain climbing section, which involve lots of indistinguishable peaks and hikes, keep reading. It soon gets a lot more interesting, I promise.

11 thoughts on “Pet Travel Thursday: Passports and Pooches with Purpose”

  1. Thanks so much for supporting Passports with Purpose. It really is an amazing show of the power of bloggers. Just imagine–every single year they have exceeded their goals by tens of thousands of dollars–and all that from $10 contributions. And I’m typing, not in my pajamas, in the cafe of the Hyatt Place hotel in Santa Fe, which incidentally you can win at Passports with Purpose. One of the gifts at http://passportswithpurpose.com/donate is 110,000 gold points at Hyatt. How about them apples?

    1. My pleasure!

      And them apples is golden, pardon the continuing bad grammar.

      P.S. I just realized that my comment section misspelled your last name — in an attempt at fitting it all in perhaps? How rude!

  2. Ha! Love that stereotype of the loser blogger. I wear my blogging pj’s with pride.
    Thanks for the link love, and btw. did you already pick the 3rd title? Maybe I missed it.

    1. I’m shocked! And really impressed that you get dressed first thing in the morning. Or maybe you only blog when you are dressed and sit around doing lazy things in your PJs?

    1. That’s right — RVs, like homes in Arizona, don’t have basements!
      Maybe next year some pet travel bloggers need to participate in the Passports program…

    1. I don’t know how I missed Passports with Purpose until now but I’m glad I discovered it…looks like you have some impressive things to offer at your site!

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